May 07, 2007

monday blues~~

i'm havin monday blues
ooo..monday blues..
lalala monday blues..

i think got a song for it...erm..stormy monday blues??

to start off the lazy monday,
i turned off the alarm thinking that it was still sunday.
then suddenly bang! bang! on the door...
"xnk gi keje ke???"
"huh??keje??cuti kan??arghh"
lazily i dragged my butt off the bed and head towards the toilet.

tp arini x gi opis pg..instead pegi jabatan imigresen negara wangsa maju.
i like the service there.
nice..relaxing..the people there very helpful and friendly.
making me feel like it's a good day today.ehe.
again nice service..
i thought i need to wait a few days but u can get ur passport within the same day.
only have to wait 1 hour.
very convienient..<==mcm pelik je ejaan nih..sure salah. tp mls nak cek.
after gettin passport gi opis.
Smiley courtesy of
settlekn sume benda yg perlu di settle.
ooo..on saturday i drove all the way to sogo k.l.
really proud of myself for being brave.ehe.
then on sunday..i drove to sunway batu caves.
again proud of myself.
hahah..but i still fail parking.huhu.
x reti la nak agak.truk xpe la.
i'm still learning.

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