May 28, 2007

shopping fair

on saturday my roomate n i went out. even on a tight budget.
the actual plan was to go to nilai 3 only and buy her bro's wedding stuff. but as expected, when both of us go out, the plans changes.hehehe.after seeing almost every shop in nilai, we headed to O.U. we were window shopping till we drop.ehehe.

So we headed to Nilai around 11 or so and arrived at 1. it was raining so it wasn't really hot and nice to shop. we stopped at almost every shop there is in Nilai. we don't actually know what to buy except for the wedding stuff. after like going to a few shops, we stopped for lunch at marrybrown ==> it was like the most happenin and interesting food there was. i order a fish burger while my roomate ordered chicken rice.GUESS what??? my roomate's chicken rice was served with nasi lemak weird.pelik kan makan nasi lemak ngan sup?????eeeee....and for me, i got a burnt fish fillet..huhuhu...very crunchy.(rumet bgla gmba food tuh nnt leh ltk dlm ni)lepas dah kenyang(not really) so we went to the shop where we wanted to buy the stuff. nasib la cukup benda tu.cukup 100. kiteorg jadi cam pekerja kat kedai tu sbb siap dok bersile and cek satu2 benda yg nak beli tuh.dah settle ngan brg tuh gi round2 Nilai lagi. so what stuff that we bought's the list:

1. beg yg besar and cantik
2. alas mug (wood)
3. butterfly warna pink
4. slipper/sandal

1. alas mug (wood)
2. mr. bean pyjamas for my bro (it turns out to be small so gonna give to my nephew instead)
3. butterfly warna yellow
4. a lil vase for mama

bile dah abis ngan nilai, kiteorg headed for O.U. arina nak beli sandal utk gi Kerteh nnt.ehehe.
smpi O.U dlm kul 4 lebey. ramai nye org..huhuhu..nasib dapat gak parking. so jalan2 tgk sandal kat HP. pastu tgk price..hmm..okay.affordable.hahahha..=>sounds familiar x eija and arina???
then jalan2 lagi.round2. tgk magic makan(x lalu mkn maybe sbb letey kot). beratur utk beli tiket muvi tp bile dah kat counter tgk seat yg available sume x best so x jadi beli.hahaha...
akhirnye kami pulang at 10. and here's what we bought:

1. HP sandal brown in colour(very nice)

1. a backpack(sale- great deal)

2. grapes (nak bwk gi umah cousin)
3. soyrich (bekalan utk hl minggu ini)

so that was the day.balik mmg flat. x mampu nak wat pepe slain mandi n tdo.hihihi.

Sunday, byk gi wedding. pastu gi umah cousin in PJ.makanan kat sane sedap!!!!! i like...ehehe.
mlm kuar gi beli brg dapur.ramai sgt org kat carrefour.pening kpala.ehe.

monday: back to work. boss ckp today..ehe. and i got a lil kangaroo with a boomerang from australia...comel sgt!!!!thanks sya!!! =D

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