May 03, 2007


what a long day today.
i feel like the time is passing so slowly today.
help sleepy.
dunno what to do.
i want my bed here and my pillow and my bear...

last few days, i was on a holiday with my family.
yes..i went to langkawi again.
i like langkawi.
it's nice. very relaxing n i like da hotel we stayed in.

dis time around, i didnt get to much shoppin coz money constraint..
gaji x masuk lagi...camne nk shoppin..huhuhu.
i borrowed money from my parents but still no mood to shop cz not my own money.
i bought few chocs..and some stuff.
x mandi laut pun coz ade case org lemas.
so mandi pool je.

on da way back singgah padang besar.
panas gile...x shopping sgt.
beli kemeja 2 helai...i need sluar bkn baju..huhuh.

happy belated bday to my baby.
i love you sayang...gado2 pun baik balik.
i miss you...bile nk blk kl??

smlm dok umah je.
letey holiday x abis lg.
tgk tv..tdo n mkn.

arini diet start.
am taking hl today.
for bfast n dinner.
wish me luck.
hope i can discipline myself.

arini ija stat keje.
all da best. same tower as i am.
tp die kat bwh je...senang hidup die..xyah naik tinggi2.

arini my dept ade 2 org je kat opis. yg lain training, on site, travelling...
so bored.x tau nak watpe.
rase cam nk tdo je..cepat la kul 5...nak blk.
my tmpt arini panas la..
mr. sun arini shine kat tmpt sy.
die dtg melawat sy.ehehe.
heloo mr.sun.

sy xde keje jd sy main phone.
geram tul asyik kuar you have voicemail je.
tp bile cek xde pun..huhu..
mesti org sblm ni punye.

n liverpool menang aritu...
cian to m.u
kalah smlm.
xpela nak wat camne.
cian to my boo coz stayed up tgk..huhu..mesti die seday.
huhu...skang ni die tgh tdo..aaaa..bestnye tdo...

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