May 19, 2007

the sumo n the cap

today my guy n i went out for a movie date.
it's been awhile since we watched movie together.
but this time, it's a bit different. we watched sumo-lah.
a malaysian film by afdlin shauki. okay i heard that people don't want to see this movie but i think they're worng. the time that we went, the movie was almost a full house.and not only malays watched it but there are chinese as well as who said that cite ni x laku???
to my friends, go see's funny.

this's hillarious, it's full with culture and tradition, lots of moral stories in it.
my rating for it 4/5.
somehow after watching this movie, u'll get new knowledge...which is on sumo.
you know, i always thought that sumo was only for big people but after seeing this movie, even small people play it. it's interesting to see the small guys defeat the big guys.
besides that, u can also learn few words in that i picked up is nokotta!!!!
in a sumo game, u shout nokotta to tell the sumo wrestler that he's still in the ring...another one i think it's oosh..huhu..not so sure.
haih..see how much you can learn from watching this movie???ehe.nway i enjoyed it and i laughed my butt out during the show.

well..since we laughed and laughed and laughed..guess what happened after the show??
we forgot the cap that my guy bought.huhuhu. we only realized bout it when we were almost at my house.huhuhu.cian la...
i told him to go back and get it but he said nevermind.huhu..i feel so bad.
dah la mase singgah converse tuh byk plak kasut yg berkenan di hati...aritu mase bday baby x byk choice..huhuh..i like the brown with red line.damn nice.the black n green is damn cool.ehehhe.saba je la..

baby thanks for taking me out today. i really had fun!!
bile next movie date kite???ehehhe....

1 comment:

dYnA said...

bEst-kN suMoLaH!
hUhU! caN't WaiT tO WatCh ShrEk 3!

SiAN tiNgGaL CaP...
i nK g uMaH yOu iN a wHiLe..
SemPaT onLine ;) cYa!