June 23, 2007

at last chicken...

of all da days i'm in Canada, finally i was able to have chicken!!!!eheheh..

sedap sgt!hahah..mcm sethn x mkn ayam je. we went to this restaurant called the chick pea. they only have chicken or beef. it was more like a kebab but here they call it sandwich.huhu..nevermind...i dont care what they call it as long as i have my chicken.

today is my last day here.tomorrow i'll be goin home.aaaaaaaaaaaaa....cant wait to go home!!! i miss everybody there!!!hihihih..

yesterday, ming and i took a walk around the town. it was fun because the weather was so damn nice. not too hot nor too cold. just nice. we talked about some stuff and i still havent finished shopping for souveniors...haih...so guys, please forgive me if i dont have anything for you when i get back.so sorry. havent got the time to shop yet. because the shops closes early. i finished my training late so there's not a chance to go to any...so i'll try my best to go..
wanna see some pics? here u go:
reminder: all da pics were taken at nite...ehehe..summer time

at a park...not sure what is the name..ehehe..ok i got the name: olympic park

devonian garden

city hall

jake, ming and me at devonian garden

with the statue at the park

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