June 24, 2007

Banff Canada

date: 23rd June 2007

destination: banff

duration of trip: 1hr and 30 mins

weather: sunny + slight windy

we stopped at canmore. and had breakfast at tim's. it was a delicious bfast. i had an egg salad wrapp and hot choc.nice.and very kenyang.

here's some pics in banff...

it was a nice trip.

we headed to the airport after we did some shopping at the malls there. i spend almost 7 hours at the airport because i have to wait for my flilght which is at 8.30 p.m. luckily i bought a book. at least i have sumthing to read and occupied my time with. but most of the time i think i spend on looking at people there.ehehe...

well, i managed to survive the whole trip back home. i even slept at the airport soundly.hihihi...

i'm back!!!!!

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