June 18, 2007

Long journey in a small world

today i started my journey on my own...all by myself.gosh it was tiring.my body is aching all over.
am typing this as i waited for my final flight to calgary.can't wait to arrive at the hotel and take a long bath.and of course my rest.
my roaming works fine. but it is so expensive. RM 2 for sms. call i dunno but i bet it's gonna cost more. i think my wireless for my pc doesn't work.so much of asking da I.T guy.he said that it is working so i didn't bother to test.huahuahua...so i'm typing this using notepad then later only will i post it on my blog.

i met nisha today at HK airport. so it wasn't really boring for me while waiting to get on board. we talked about a few things..u know girls stuff. and it is a small world after all. she's my senior in UTP.hahaha..geezz wheezzeee...she started to make this face when i told her that i was from UTP.by looking at the face i thought that she and i might have sumthing in common..and yeap i was right.
ok yesterday, saturday, i arrive at the airport at 7.00++ pm. i got on the early flights to calgary.hihi. the taxi from airport to hotel cost cad38. everything cost.haih.....takut nye saya...

lps mandi n kemas2..it was 9pm already. xtau nk watpe. nk kuar jln2 takut sbb xtau nk gi mane plus i'm alone.hihi..so end up dok dlm bilik je..huhuhu..seday...pastu bile dah dok sorg2 dlm bilik asyik nangis jer...uwaaa.....i wish sumone was here with me...rindu nak balik msia....gi cni sorg sgt la x best...huhuhu..i nangis smpila tertido...bgn2 kul 3am..huhuh...nak watpe? tgk tv jap.lompat2 atas katil..then tetibe nangis lagi...then tertido blk. bgn2 kul 10 am..itupun terjaga sbb housekeeping dtg.

cuaca kat cni xdela sejuk sgt..rase cam dok dlm opis kat msia je..or air con yg suhu die 16 celcius.
kat cni asyik hujan je...huhu..so nk jln2 tgk scenery xleh la sgt.

ni br blk dr jln2. td gi mane ek? jap kena tgk map.huhuhu..one thing yg best kat cni is that die ade tunnel sambung dr one building to another. so cam td..main hentam je jln2...smpi i dah gi dlm 5 tmpt utk shopping.hihi..klaka tul..ade kdi winners kat cni...best sbb die bargain store.ade beg nine west for cad59. normal price is cad110...hihi...ade byk beg, baju, aaa...mcm2 ade.kdi buku kat cni pun best...ade buku hard cover harga cad2.99...haih.....sume harga below cad20..

then got this funny story.mase jln2 kat sears, i dpt sms dr mama. die kata nape xleh nk call i. then i pun cek..rupe2nye xde credit.huhu.then i pun rush back la. pegi 1dollar store.beli idd card n payung.hujan x berhenti lagi. then singgah winners lagi skali sbb nk amik gmba beg nine west n tunjuk kat mama. okla dah abis amik gmba i pun kuar and rushed back to hotel. mase blk tu..tetibe i perasan yg i pegang bag dr kdi winners td...huhuh..dgn slambe je kuar..nak kat smpi hotel dah tuh...pastu i panic jap...oh shit...nak watpe ni? my good side kata pulangkn blk bag tu..x baik..kire mencuri tu...pastu side jahat ckp..ala amik je..sape suruh machine detection tu x detect mase kuar?dahla lawa bag tu..huhuhu...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...guess what i did????..hihi...i baik.i pulangkn bag tu. mase masuk kdi tu alarm pun bunyi..huhu..trus gi cashier and ckp:

me: "excuse me, i accidently took this bag out just now. i didn't realize about it."
cashier1: "oh...that's ok..thanks for returning it."
cashier 2: "hihihi...i did that once..huhu...i panicked you know..luckily they didn't take any action on me."
me: "yeah..anyway sorry and thanks again."

haih....sarah..oh sarah....what la u ni?????tu la..bahaya bile kat negara org pastu jln sorg2.

arini je dah jln kat sears, calgary eaton square, td square, devonian gardens, scotia center, the bay....tp gmba xamik pun..kelam kabut la..huhuhu..xpe..nnt leh gi blk n amik gmba.lgpun hujan so nk amik gmba building pun xleh.hihihi.

here's some pic i amik smlm...

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