June 04, 2007

sick old me...

today i'm on medical leave.
i'm sick.i got the flu and asthma.

today arina and ija started their HL.
comments from them:

arina: rasa nak muntah plak..cappucino xsedap sgt

ija: pekatnye..x abis2 lagi minum. asal aku still lapa? aku bancuh ngan oats skali.

to ija n arina: maybe x biase lagi kot.lame2 okla.aku mule2 stat pun rase nak muntah tp skang dah ok. and sy rase sy dah trun 2kg kot.hihihi..mengikut penimbang sy la..xtau la if ikut Dyna nye penimbang lain plak. best la..mkn HL sekali sehari pun leh turun 2 kg.lalala..and i got no problem to visit "johnny".hihi.

arini eventhough i'm sick, i finally made wanton.ehhe...not shrimp wanton but chicken wanton..i modified a bit the ingredients.hihi.comments from my bros:

jazz: x rase pepe pun kaklong..

aziq: sedap.

jaan: kena letak garam lagi ckit kot..igt nak wat mee die skali..huhu..ni bole ke mkn camni je?

azeem: makan je..ape2 kaklong masak sedap je..

hihihi...dieorg ni nak jaga hati kaklong dieorg ke???ckp la btul2 if x sedap..hihi..simpan utk mama, ayah and abg ckit..tgk ape dieorg comment plak.

esok my baby will be doing his last presentation as a student. all da best to him.
ans hopefully can see him b4 i go for my training.

wanna get comfy heels???try Cole Haan. i just knew about this from watching Oprah this morning. the secret for comfy heels????well, they use the same technology as in Nike Air shoes. an air sponge thingy...not sure what it is actually.here's some pic on the shoes...you can check more out at http://www.colehaan.com/colehaan/home.jsp

the lead singer for alleycats passed away today. my condolences to his family.

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dYnA said...

dEar gEt weLL sOon! nK LoSe WeiGht CepAt mKn hL 2 timEs a dAy oK! AriAna who? thE oNe who took from mE iJa kN?