July 30, 2007

autobots rollout...

hihihi...yerp u guessed it.
i finally managed to watch transformers last saturday and also managed to get good seats..

i so much want to watch this muvie..i booked tickets for saturday as well as sunday. in case i can't make it on saturday then i can watch it on sunday.miahaha..so desperate kan?so what?i don't care just as long as i got to watch it.

nway went to see it with baby.sape lagi yg nak teman me...ehehe..it was a full house.there's this one kid sitting in front of us wtaching it alone...cian die.but he's cool with it.he got the whole row to himself.best kan?

transformer was awesome..i loike it very much. the sound effects, the story line and yada..yada..yada was all great. meets my satisfaction.eheheh..i have to buy the dvd.if sape2 nak blanje tgk lg bole je...hihihi...

sunday as usual lepak at home. i painted the tv area.hihihi...and now i'm suffering from aches in my arm, neck and back.huhuhu...none stop work yesterday.then at night, because of the non stop work, i had a minor asthma attack.huhuhu...can't sleep until 1am.huhu.i thot of gettin mc today but i got a dateline to meet.so no mc.hope it doesn't get any worst today..

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