July 16, 2007

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i'm finally able to blog today..ehehe..
this is due to the fact that it's monday morning and i'm singin da blues.
i'm sooo...lazy today.
dunno what got in to me..hihihi..maybe bcoz of the work pile..lallalala..
i can't complaint much coz it's my responsibility.

nway i like to wish my couzie..emmy..gudluck babe on ur 1st day of work.
n also like to say welcome back my dearest friend eija...and not forgettin fatin.
can't wait to see u guys.miss u so damn much!

i spend da weekend stuffing myself with lots of food.gosh...there goes my diet.hahaha.
but nvrmind..today i'm fasting.hihihi.good gal sarah..

i miss baby..huhu..but don't worry..he's coming back soon. all da best with that washington thingy...impress those judges aite sayang..cepat balik...nak tgk transformer!!!!!!

oh yeah...thanks to dzal n syafiq..it was great to see u guys. it's been awhile since we had talked and gossip.the gossip was mostly done by arina n i.hahaha..it was fun last thursday.too bad wad can't join.

i dunno if huda is readin my blog or not but i need to say sumthing..hihi..
hey sis, hold on tight aite...i haven't plan for our outing yet.but what i can say is make ur weekends available.i think it would be nice for us to just sit and chit chat..kan???mesti byk cite..hopefully..hahaha..just hold on kay sis..nnt i plan ngan ija bile nak kuar.fuz pun busy gak..die dah stat bisnes die so weekend je la bole kuar.

i heard justin is comin here..hehehe..i wanna go!!!!!anybody care to join me??bape ek harga ticket???if gwen is like 120++ so i guess i need to save up.n josh gorban also is coming..ija nk tgk??i think josh gorban kat cni je..dewan filharmonik...rase nye la..october nnt.lalala...mari kengkwan...kite wat gathering ngan gi concert.hihi.

and another news...i heard rumors sayin dat the convocation will be held for 2 days....sigh~~~~
bile la dieorg nk confirm????i need to know so bole la apply cuti...kang dieorg bg keje kang susah...huhuhu..

aaaa...kena stat keje dah..huhuu.malas nak cari field name..lalala...
have a nice day to all!! :)

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~PiNk!!~ said...

heyya sis!! eheks.. ;p i read lah ur blog haha but very seldom.. ade ms or terpergi then i bc lah hehe.. nway wut i nice thought 2 remember me.. =) very touching g2..hehe! hows canada? xsempat pon tanye2 kan.. tulah, waitin 4 d right time 2 meet u all sume..sgt rindu... nnt all ok we meet k..watch movie, shopping, eat 2gether gossipin n all..hehe! wahhh really miz dat!! nway take care sweetie.. luv ya lots!! ~PiNk!!~