July 23, 2007

how far is da truth?

u know, i went out with my baby yesterday.
he told me that he has to save up since the convo is coming.
i said to him..not to worry...i'm sure u'll have enuff.
why u need to save up that much?
well, there's gonna be a lot of things that needs to be paid.
so, i kept quite...thinking to myself..what do we have to pay?

then he suddenly said this..

"baby tau x?"
"ade org kata, if ade lelaki yg bg bunga mase convo, that will be ur husband"
"heh???iye ke?are u sure syg?so that's why u hv to save up? coz u need to give me flowers?"
"ye la..kena la.it's my main priority..."
"owh..ok..but what if sy dpt bunga dr laki lain????what does dat mean?"
"eleh..persan la tu...ade org laki lain nk bg die bunga..."

???????uwaaaa......ade ke ckp camtu???sampi hati...huhuhu.

so ladies, is it true???if u received a bouquet of flowers from a guy during ur convocation, he will be ur husband?anyone experienced da truth out of this yet?

to huda: hey sis, what number are u using now?i tried to call but x dpt...nway, i was thinking of goin to dis place called bora asmara..it's near mofaz on da way to O.U.maybe we can have dinner there...so gimme a shout if u hv any other suggestion aite..luve ya lots!!!!!

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