July 19, 2007

unanswered thought

today i felt weird.guess i'm not in my best mood.
have you ever wonder???how people are really like??i mean really, really like??how they really are??cause i realized that some people can have different personality when they hang out with different friends..what's botherin me is that i can't take it..
how can you be different when u r in one group and in another?is it natural?or is it just for showing off?

do we have to change who we are so that we feel belonged???how do we enjoy and be content with what we really are and who we really are?
why can't we just be who we are and still enjoy life?why do we need to impress the others?

i wonder??

nway it's my feelings and my thoughts..
it's so hard to find someone that we can really get along with.but yet, it's so easy to loose one too.
i'm not saying i lost any but i feel very lucky to have found friends, family that i can rely on and they are them..and not anybody else..

but i'm still wonderin...do you have to be someone u r not to feel happy???

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