August 14, 2007

occupying myself

i'm gettin bored already. geez...i wish i had work to do.see, this is normal human being. when u have sumthing to do, you don't want to do it. but when you have nothing to do, you gatal nak cari things to do. why can't we just be grateful for whatever is happening to our lives?

~~interupt jap~~i just remember bout baby ally..what cute..with her chubby cheeks and rolling her eyes while saying whateva~~~

so this entry is yet another entry to fill in my leisure time. my friends are currently working very hard because again they have things to do.huhu.and i have an entry to complete.hahha..yeay!!at least i got sumthing to do.

most of my colleagues are not here. they're either way over in london for training or way over at client's site doin work + enjoying travelling.hihihi..when will they send me again for training?hmmmm....

anyway i did attend a training here at the office. last friday.i just have to walk to the meeting was supposed to be a 2-day course but they shoved in to be in one was fun.not the usual listen n look training. this time it was more hands-on activities. well i got awarded.hehe. da best actress.yee haa!!!it was informative and fun.we even have a photo session and cert give away ceremony at the end. the not so cool part was no food n food...

nway last saturday was da company's annual was held at prince was kinda funny cause everyone was confused which hotel it was.obviously there are too many hotels with the word 'prince' here in k.l.luckily i got to the right hotel and that was after sms-ing for confirmation.kuikuikui.da dinner was great! nice performance by our GM. the performance was cool...all da guys got something to drool for other than food.hihi.da food it was simple.normal food, nothing special except for the dessert.lots of cakes!!!!puddings!!!fruits!!!and whatever falls under dessert i mention da theme was wild wild west? yerp so everyone was dressed either like a cowboy, cowgirl or red a jacket as the door i don't have to think about buying one when i need to travel.hihi.i guess i da table dat i sat was a lucky table coz almost everyone at the table got the lucky draw. i got jusco voucher rm100. not i can go n shop..ehehhe..primavera shoe here i come...nway primavera klcc is having sale..i just passed da shop during lunch and it was filled with 50% banner here n there.hihihi...can i use the voucher there??i guess not...huhu.nvrmnd i'm gonna drag my bro there later..hihi.

so dis weekend am off to my dad's hometown, malacca.long time x balik.then can eat seafood.yay!!!my baby is off to cameron with umi n abah already.have fun baby!then tomorrow he's coming back and thursday he's off to his hometown, want to pesan some stuff la.ehehe..can???am sure can..hihihi..gediksss.well i wish him safe trip to n you..muakkksss...

another interruption~~teringat kat eija ckp ngan ash td..lalalalala~~~ week convo..excited ade..normal pun ade..confused pun ade..yesterday i had a chat with my far friend, dejah. well, she advises me to wear pink for dinner and green for convo.huhuhu..i'm so confused~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i can't make up my mind so maybe da day before the event only will i decide.

the end.

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