August 06, 2007

whatta weekend

all my weekends are fully booked thru out this month..

hihihi..busy nye cik maisarah ni...wakakakaka..

nway last weekend i was invited by my bestfriend, Haliza, to accompany her to PDB 25th Dinner which was held at Sunway Resort and Spa...huhu...i think that was the name. so we spend da nite at cik Siti nye place in Shah Alam. Thanks fiena for making us feel at home..and also thanks to all fiena's housemate.. and to fiena's roomate Nad.hihihi..sori la Nad sbb sepahkan bilik..huhuhu...anyway it was nice knowing u. :)

smpi je kat shah alam pegi shopping..konon nye fiena nak beli kasut sport but end up ija yg lebey2 just givin my pendapat nice or not and trying a few heels..i wanted to buy boots for my dinner tp size xde..huhuhu...

the dinner was great! the place was nice. we were entertained by amy mastura n sheila majid. had a blast. met aimi, ija's friend in soksek.the food was excellent...damn kenyang after dinner.

the next day, sunday, fiena n nad bwk jln2 around s.alam.mkn abc yg special which had hot chocolate on top...n tgk umah cantik n umah hantu.huhuhu...

bile balik umah, i felt so tired. main monopoly ngan aziq then gi wat chores. balik dr wat chores, x sempat nak siap2 kluar with dad n mum. kifi's bday party at mum's mum place at sri damansara. mkn mcm2 smpi rase nak meletup perut.huhuhu. blk dah mlm..after refreshing myself trus tdo..keletihan....

the end.

gmba later la ek..ija x bg la..nnt bile dah bg i put some..anyway can view a few pics at Ija's blog (msapple)

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