September 11, 2007

request to update blog

there's this one gal, bored to death, asked me to update my blog.
because i love her so much and i dun want her to die of boredom, i helped her...eventho i have no idea what i want to write bout.
so here goes nothin....

my weekends were mostly full because i, myself, yg tersgt rajin mencari keje. i can't sit down n just lepak n watch's just not me unless i'm da sick what keje did i got myself into? well no other than paintin...yerp...last time i've painted my room, then i've painted my bro's room and now i'm paintin the gates...wakaka...i love to paint...mane dpt gen nih pun i x sure. my dad likes to fix stuff not paintin, my mom loves decoratin not paintin....i guess it's just my own..hihi..

well i didnt spend my whole weekends paintin aite...i did da most important thing dat a gal must!!!yess..i do love shoppin especially not spending a single cent of my own.ahahaha..i'm such a devil..well, it was kinda like a reward from my parents bcoz i was so rajin with paintin n making da house looks ok la kan?so teman my mom gi Jalan TAR, she bought new carpets, i bought food...shoppin for carpets makes me hungry...dont ask me what's da relationship between carpets n food aite...i dunno.

last friday, my friend, syatul, bwk i jln2 kat pasar mlm jelatek. n yepp..i did buy some stuff. i was waitin for my boo to pick me up so he said go jalan2 dulu and at 7 i pick u first i thot nk gi galeri with ija tp die punya la bosan thp max smpi balik awl. x sempat nk memujuk die. then igt nk lepak umah syatul..suddenly syatul kata jomla ikut kami gi psr mlm kat jelatek tuh...i pun ape lagi..agree je la..terima kasih syatul n gjo sbb bwk sy jln2. nway syatul n me bought shirts for rm10 je..n then i bought some balls-fish ball, ketam ball n etc. and drink. i bought some brooch which cost only rm1.50 for 2. and i bought anak tudung. ini hasil syatul memperdaya ku. nway it's comfy la syatul.thanks blk jumpe my boo, had dinner 2gether b4 ramadhan starts. and managed to go parkson and bought some air freshner and photo frame..ehehe...byk nye sy was a fun day that friday.

then last last weekend, i lepak at my cousie's house in templer. byk gile bergossip especially when mum and kak iny and emmy ade..imma x blk umah weekend tuh.huuhuhu...bersemangat mum bergossip..ehehe...i loike...the house is almost complete..aritu dieorg psng lampu kat luar and then my uncle bought a lil fish pond..tuh x tau la bile nk pasang...hopefully sume ok. i also drove my mom to o.u. she wanted to buy her bag that she's been eyeing on for weeks..pastu bile smpi punya la ramai org smpi kena parkin kat bwh one world hotel...ntah ceruk mane da pak guard lead us to.nasib la sume selamat and dpt park kete ngan senang...i hate parkin coz i suck at it big time.huhuhu.she bought her bag and i bought food...hihih..again lapa gak.ntah la asyik lapa je...pelik la.huhuhu.i cant remember what else i bought...huhuh..

my graduation was ok..not a blast. i'm soo glad that all the pictures turned out good. i like.even ayah like them..especially da family was great and tiring. not enuff time i guess. we didnt get to take pictures of da six of sad.lucky we had da dinner picture...waa..i miss them.........terribly.......bile nk hang out da 6 of us?korang x rindu ke?huhuhu...i met boo nye family. they were nice. took pictures with them oso...i was kinda malu sbb i dunno..ehehe..apola sarah ni..da convofair was so was all muddy...n i only hv 1 jeans..huhu..x best sgt la convofair tuh...i only pegi mlm time ade concert je..nasib la padang tuh x lecak sgt. bbut still blk kena basuh sluar or else i dont hv any sluar to wear..huhu..then kluar ngan sgt..we went to eat at all our fav restaurant there in ipoh..haih...best2...mase nak blk, gi tuka tyr sbb masuk paku yg amat la panjang n besar. and then gi bwk ija mkn kat mee rebus ramli..hihi..nasib sedap kan? rase nak travel back in time mase blaja nye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok..i dah letey..xtau la nak cite ape dat gal, i hope i was able to kill ur boredom b4 it kills u...hihihi..take care ya..

adios..roger n out.


DeJah saLLeh said...

dear sarah,
Im soo glad u love me. I love you too n back... hi hi.. thank you soo much for the extra long post. it was indeed a killer to my boredom.. tho i read it 10 mins before i go back, it made my day.. hi hi... i really2 wanted n wish to see you in two weeks time cz after that ill be busy with project.. yeah after this no more whining about the word boring or its associate. thanks again n i love you bunch.


SaRaH said...

Thanks babe...bile ek nak jumpe.r u gonna be busy on weekends as well? u set da date and see if i'm free for it. tp kan kite nak pose