September 18, 2007

StoP and ResT

i'm takin a break from doin what i'm supposed to do.
i need a rest after goin thru all the reports.
hopefully everything will go well after this..please no more changes.
if i were sleepin i betcha that i'm gonna dream bout these reports.

nway i think that 2009 would be a fine year to go for a holiday. where to? Bandung. Ija n me wanna go holiday. if can with da rest of us....but then it only ija n me are excited about it. so from here we already know who's goin n who's not. well, that's just the typical old same us. never havin da chance of enjoyin sumthin different together. pity us.yep a saddening story.

i can't wait to go to terendak's so called reunion in october. finally can meet and gossip with my long time no see friends...hopefully azani will be able to go. wani, dyna n me confirmed goin. too bad aifaa can't join us. she's in a far2 away island called Langkawi..ehehe..hope u r doin fine there..keje leklok tau.bile blk ke KL jgn lupe chocs for us.hihihi.

today a happy news for some of my collegues. they have been awarded the MVP. congrats to them. u guys deserve it. pastu aku pun dok berangan bile la aku nk dpt MVP award ni? huhuhu..bangga nye if dpt.xpe2..saba2. da day will come for me. i will make this as a motivation for me.ape lagi...amik sume project yg ade...wakakaka..i'm goin nuts..forgive me for my insanity today.

blom kul 12 lagi.cepat la masa berlalu.semalam tdo awal.very da awal.x senonoh tul.hihihi.ntah nape rase cam very tired and very bored. i need to do sumthin exciting.hihii...nasib la november nnt nak gi water nye...sape mau join?hihihi...

i pray for my friends yg tgh tggu offer keje dr PET. saba kay. this shout out goes especially to Fuz n Faiz. double da Fs..ehehe.Fuz come back la..miss you la dear...jom la kuar berbuka bersama2 sblm Fuz kena gi overc. (in case she's readin my blog..hopefully she does) and ohh..lupe plak slmat mengajar syg..hv a nice day.jgn tension2.

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