October 26, 2007


arini saya rase sangat gembira and excited sebabnye for the very first time, i went to work by bus. i woke up to sahur today and i was too full to go back to sleep. so i smsed ija and asked her if i could join her to go to work today. by 645 we were on the way to kl. the road was pretty smooth, not a lot of cars yet. it was calming to see the streets of kl clear and smooth especially when you are using the jln. kucing. it's hectic if you leave for work at the wrong time. nway ija's dad dropped us of at titiwangsa and we hopped on our bus. bus number 103. i was all jiggy inside cause it's been a while since i rode a bus. the one thing i think it's better when you are riding a bus, you will be able to sit down and no pushing2 (experienced from today).ehehhe..

another story, alhamdulillah, my dad is gettin better. he's gonna be discharged today. when we visited him last nite he was out with his friend at a mamak stall already.geezz...

October 24, 2007

my tummy hurts

today i came to the office a lil bit late. there were accidents and traffic was piling up almost everywhere. so my dad and i was in a lil bad mood. to top it off, i got a tummy ache. i don't feel like visiting the loo. it hurts so much i suddenly feel like it's the period pain. huhuhu...but i'm not having my period right now. and also i don't know how period pain feels like. my friends said that it is really painful. it's like 1/3 of the giving birth pain.huhuhu...damn that hurts.
(i'm imagining myself givin birth and feelin da pain....ouuucchhhh!!!!)

perut jangan la meragam...huhu..please get well soon. i got a long day today.

so yesterday, i break fast my baby. guess what we had? yup..totally no other than sotong masak kicap.ehehe. this time we tried a new restaurant at the same place. the food seems ok to me but baby said that it wasn't.maybe bcoz i was so hungry. he said the last 2 restaurant was better. the price was actually cheap cause we had like tomyam campur, kangkung belacan, sotong kicap, kerang bakar, keropok, limau ais, barli ais, two white rice for rm18. the portion of the lauk was just nice for two. but the kerang bakar was kinda small.rase cam x cukup je.

hold on a sec....where's everyone in my department?????aaaaaa....am i all alone today??mane sume org pegi?haih....it's gonna be a very long day today~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

owh ok..aliza ade.yay!

btw, this weekend i'm gonna be busy. first i hv to attend a few open house (my friends, relatives, my parent's friends)then i need to teman baby buy his stuff before he leaves. byk nye makan nnt..hihi..xpe dah puase so no hal. :)

today my dad is goin for medical check up again. it seems that his fever is back again. aritu blom sembuh sepenuhnye so dah dtg blk. last time the doc said it maybe dengue but then it was not. it was called a virus fever. it makes ur body weak and it aches all over. then during sunrise and sunset, ur body start's to shiver eventhough the temperature was quite hot and dry. you loss ur appetite and it makes you spend da whole day in bed. sumtimes u can sweat a lot too. geezz..this fever is powerful..so people beware. i'm not sure how it spreads but the doc said that it's da season. many people have caught it already.

October 22, 2007

1 more week

i'm counting down da days where we will be apart..far away from one another but close to the heart always. wakakakka...i'm giggling to myself cause i feel so geli with myself for being jiwang.

so starting from today, i only have one more week to spend time with him while he is still near. next week he'll be flyin off. he's goin overdac to Labuan.hihihi...cam la jauh sgt..but still far la kan.kena cross laut.sigh~~~blom gi lagi dah rindu...

my weekend was very interesting. different from any raya holidays i had before.
what's so special about this raya? hihihi..well, his family came over and beraya at my house then the next day, my family went over to his to beraya. it was kinda funny when i think about it. i have no idea how to layan his parent when they came so i left everything to my parents.hihihi..apela kan?nway, thank you baby for wearin da black shirt...i like it very da much!!ehehehe..and hopefully u like whatever dishes that we cooked that day.ehehe.

mase gi umah die plak, guess makan ape?aaa...one of my favourite dish of all..nasi kerabu...sedap la sgt sampai arini pun leh lg mengidam..hihihi..nak mkn byk2 time tu segan la plak.ade ke beraya to bakal mentua's house and melantak.sgt la x senonoh.hihihi..then i told him i nak mkn lagi nasi kerabu yg umi masak tuh...he just laughed. he said nnt kay syg...

unplanned activity, my dad suddenly invited all da neighbours over...aaaa...my mom n me dah panic sbb takut mknan x cukup.huhuhu..but at last everything was just nice.sume abis. senang keje. and of course makngah also came over. best dapat jumpe my nieces and nephews.. and huda also came with ija.aaa...lame x jumpe huda..rindu...nnt kay sis..one day we go to shah alam.nway thanks to those yg dtg. i'm not sure if this is called an open house cause it's meant to be for families but it end up like an open house.

baby ==> jom mkn sotong kicap before u leave... :)

fuz ==> huda ajak gi umah die kat shah alam...jom la..

ija, arina, fatin, fiena, syatul ==> jom mkn ramai2...rase cam dah lame x jumpe.hihihi..tp kena tggu syatul blk dr PIPE dulu la kan...huhuhu...

guess what???arini i dpt saree from ainul!!!..ehehe..thanks babe! :)

October 11, 2007

SeLamAT HaRI RaYa AidIL FiTri

i would like to wish all muslims around da world
"Happy and Safe Eid Mubarak"
let's celebrate with joy and happiness,
care and love,
with all.
maaf zahir & batin.

October 08, 2007

great weekend =)

how's weekend everyone?
everything went well as planned? hope so. mine was totally superb!!!

as planned, my main activity was baking cookies for Raya..and da cookies turned out great.ehehe..there was some burnt ones but all gone already..hihi..thanks to my brothers for eating it all up. i feel like i want to make more...huhuhu...but there's no time anymore.

well on Saturday, i went for my skool's bbuka puasa a.k.a small gatherin at Villa Felda. i joined Dyna and Mala there. Wani and Azani came together. it was a blast!!!best yg amat!!hehehe..there was more guys than girls, as usual la kan. the girls yg dtg...let's see if i can remember...dyna, mala, azani, wani, zila, kelmi, sity, dina, mina, fiza, suzi, patah's gf, faizul's gf, and me. as for the guys...hmm...a lot..i cant remember much...erm...adri, adzroul, faizal, nazrul, izwan, faizul, hafzi, arif, skate, ifan, wafi, naim, lemang, ikhwan, sham.. aaaaaa...x igt dah...hihih..sory guys.. i will upload all da pix once i get them all.hihihi...anyway it was nice seeing all of you and nice knowing those that i just knew and met.how bout another reunion??

so today, it seems that only the 3 of us will bbuka puasa together, ija, arina n me. others got plans already and can't make it. xpela...tp if aku wat open house... ija, arina, fatin, syatul, fiena wajib datang, if aku x wat open house... ija, arina, fatin, syatul, fiena wajib gak dtg. i plan one day for da 6 of us kay...hihihi..

have a nice day y'all..cheers and sugar!

October 03, 2007

i tag him so here's his anwers

5 Things In My Bag (Pack)
1. my PROTON notebook
2. my students (1 Maju) photocopy IC
3. list of students who aint submit their Folio Geografi yet
4. calculator
5. whitebod marker pen

5 Things That Are In My Wallet
1. $$$$
2. atm cards
3. IC
4. driving license
5. business cards

5 Favourite Things In My Bedroom
1. bantal 4segi ku
2. selimutku
3. jam kuningku yg comel
4. perfumeku
5. ubat nyamuk letrik

5 Things I Wish To Do
1. umrah n haji with my fam n 'her'
2. tour to south korea n japan with my fam n 'her'
3. bungee, scuba n snorkling with 'her'
4. i wanna be 'her' hubby
5. i wanna take 'her' to Labuan

5 Things That I Am Doing Now
1. menahan 'hajat besar'.. hik hik~
2. thinking what should i write for the rest of the ques
3. hmmm~~
4. garu idong
5. nak mkn kueh arab n spagheti n macaroni goreng n kueh choc chip

October 02, 2007

free at the moment

so now i'm currently free. yes i have no work. at the moment all work is done.

just msg my boo...hihi..love him..love him...

so what have i been up to lately?

let's see:
  1. paint da house
  2. paint da gate
  3. shoppin for my brothers
  4. shoppin for mua
  5. shoppin for him
  6. shoppin for bakin later
  7. bbuka puasa everywhere:
  • insaf with my friends: ija, arina, fiena, fatin, syatul
  • aseana: no sure if the spelling is right...company's one..thank you...
  • madam kwan's: department's function...thanks a lot boss..

soon i'm gonna go bbuka puasa at dewan perdana felda. it's my skool gatherin. yay...dpt jumpe my friends!!!!tp x ckp quota...aifaa xde sbb nye die jauh...huhuhu...

weekend ni i'm gonna bake cookies..yay!!!x saba nye...

oooo..surprise story that i got previously:

  1. my boo accident..he's fine..syukur..but the car nope.
  2. my friend (not tellin who) is gettin marry soon.
  3. another friend i met is pregnant.
  4. my boo got a job already but far away in labuan.
  5. his family is comin this raya to discuss....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...no la..ehehe..they are comin just for raya...hihihi..

the end.