October 26, 2007


arini saya rase sangat gembira and excited sebabnye for the very first time, i went to work by bus. i woke up to sahur today and i was too full to go back to sleep. so i smsed ija and asked her if i could join her to go to work today. by 645 we were on the way to kl. the road was pretty smooth, not a lot of cars yet. it was calming to see the streets of kl clear and smooth especially when you are using the jln. kucing. it's hectic if you leave for work at the wrong time. nway ija's dad dropped us of at titiwangsa and we hopped on our bus. bus number 103. i was all jiggy inside cause it's been a while since i rode a bus. the one thing i think it's better when you are riding a bus, you will be able to sit down and no pushing2 (experienced from today).ehehhe..

another story, alhamdulillah, my dad is gettin better. he's gonna be discharged today. when we visited him last nite he was out with his friend at a mamak stall already.geezz...

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