October 02, 2007

free at the moment

so now i'm currently free. yes i have no work. at the moment all work is done.

just msg my boo...hihi..love him..love him...

so what have i been up to lately?

let's see:
  1. paint da house
  2. paint da gate
  3. shoppin for my brothers
  4. shoppin for mua
  5. shoppin for him
  6. shoppin for bakin later
  7. bbuka puasa everywhere:
  • insaf with my friends: ija, arina, fiena, fatin, syatul
  • aseana: no sure if the spelling is right...company's one..thank you...
  • madam kwan's: department's function...thanks a lot boss..

soon i'm gonna go bbuka puasa at dewan perdana felda. it's my skool gatherin. yay...dpt jumpe my friends!!!!tp x ckp quota...aifaa xde sbb nye die jauh...huhuhu...

weekend ni i'm gonna bake cookies..yay!!!x saba nye...

oooo..surprise story that i got previously:

  1. my boo accident..he's fine..syukur..but the car nope.
  2. my friend (not tellin who) is gettin marry soon.
  3. another friend i met is pregnant.
  4. my boo got a job already but far away in labuan.
  5. his family is comin this raya to discuss....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...no la..ehehe..they are comin just for raya...hihihi..

the end.

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