October 08, 2007

great weekend =)

how's weekend everyone?
everything went well as planned? hope so. mine was totally superb!!!

as planned, my main activity was baking cookies for Raya..and da cookies turned out great.ehehe..there was some burnt ones but all gone already..hihi..thanks to my brothers for eating it all up. i feel like i want to make more...huhuhu...but there's no time anymore.

well on Saturday, i went for my skool's bbuka puasa a.k.a small gatherin at Villa Felda. i joined Dyna and Mala there. Wani and Azani came together. it was a blast!!!best yg amat!!hehehe..there was more guys than girls, as usual la kan. the girls yg dtg...let's see if i can remember...dyna, mala, azani, wani, zila, kelmi, sity, dina, mina, fiza, suzi, patah's gf, faizul's gf, and me. as for the guys...hmm...a lot..i cant remember much...erm...adri, adzroul, faizal, nazrul, izwan, faizul, hafzi, arif, skate, ifan, wafi, naim, lemang, ikhwan, sham.. aaaaaa...x igt dah...hihih..sory guys.. i will upload all da pix once i get them all.hihihi...anyway it was nice seeing all of you and nice knowing those that i just knew and met.how bout another reunion??

so today, it seems that only the 3 of us will bbuka puasa together, ija, arina n me. others got plans already and can't make it. xpela...tp if aku wat open house... ija, arina, fatin, syatul, fiena wajib datang, if aku x wat open house... ija, arina, fatin, syatul, fiena wajib gak dtg. i plan one day for da 6 of us kay...hihihi..

have a nice day y'all..cheers and sugar!

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