October 24, 2007

my tummy hurts

today i came to the office a lil bit late. there were accidents and traffic was piling up almost everywhere. so my dad and i was in a lil bad mood. to top it off, i got a tummy ache. i don't feel like visiting the loo. it hurts so much i suddenly feel like it's the period pain. huhuhu...but i'm not having my period right now. and also i don't know how period pain feels like. my friends said that it is really painful. it's like 1/3 of the giving birth pain.huhuhu...damn that hurts.
(i'm imagining myself givin birth and feelin da pain....ouuucchhhh!!!!)

perut jangan la meragam...huhu..please get well soon. i got a long day today.

so yesterday, i break fast my baby. guess what we had? yup..totally no other than sotong masak kicap.ehehe. this time we tried a new restaurant at the same place. the food seems ok to me but baby said that it wasn't.maybe bcoz i was so hungry. he said the last 2 restaurant was better. the price was actually cheap cause we had like tomyam campur, kangkung belacan, sotong kicap, kerang bakar, keropok, limau ais, barli ais, two white rice for rm18. the portion of the lauk was just nice for two. but the kerang bakar was kinda small.rase cam x cukup je.

hold on a sec....where's everyone in my department?????aaaaaa....am i all alone today??mane sume org pegi?haih....it's gonna be a very long day today~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

owh ok..aliza ade.yay!

btw, this weekend i'm gonna be busy. first i hv to attend a few open house (my friends, relatives, my parent's friends)then i need to teman baby buy his stuff before he leaves. byk nye makan nnt..hihi..xpe dah puase so no hal. :)

today my dad is goin for medical check up again. it seems that his fever is back again. aritu blom sembuh sepenuhnye so dah dtg blk. last time the doc said it maybe dengue but then it was not. it was called a virus fever. it makes ur body weak and it aches all over. then during sunrise and sunset, ur body start's to shiver eventhough the temperature was quite hot and dry. you loss ur appetite and it makes you spend da whole day in bed. sumtimes u can sweat a lot too. geezz..this fever is powerful..so people beware. i'm not sure how it spreads but the doc said that it's da season. many people have caught it already.