November 20, 2007

just some writings.

the girl sat at her desk and stares blankly at the screen.
her body is there but her mind seemed to trailed off some where outside..
she's feeling so far off. she wants to be away from people and just have a moment just to herself.
a time to ponder and give a thought about her life.
what happened?
how did she end up here? at this place and at this time?
who was she??
her questions starts to by one...what if she had done other things? how would her life be right now? would it be as mixed up as it is right now? would it be good?fair?bad?what if that and what if this....
hmmmmm.........the power of what if...people can wonder far...

exactly one month from now, he'll be comin home.
cant wait to see him eventhough if it's only for a glimpse. at least my miss him feelin would be cure. he's doin a lot fine now. more stable and he's happy. i like him happy. :)

another day of doin my work. i feel better today cause someone said something that soothes me.
the word makes a huge impact on me today.i was feeling a bit down and stressed but this guy came and just asked me "how's things, sarah?" then i don't really know what happened, i just let out my feelings. it feels great! then to make it better...he said..."i really appreciate the effort u put in. this is like the hardest customisation we've encounter.."
haa....that really make my day i feel better and can work better.

syatul dear: happy birthday!

i pray to God to give me the strength to finish this project..amin.

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dYnA said...

u kN tErRoR u suRe cAn dO this pRojEct u'Re dOin ;)