November 07, 2007

safe and sound

he's off to labuan on 1st nov at 8.55 am.
we bid our goodbyes by sms.
he send his mms before he took off.
and now we are finally far apart.
he touched down at 11.55 am.
and sms me to tell me he's safe and sound.
i felt relieved and sad.
i was confusing myself with emotions.
i said to myself everythings gonna be alright.
i keep humming that particular song in my head.
he dozed off.
hope he's dreamin of me.
i wish him all da best.

it's been a few days already and he has settled down.
he got his apartment and car.
everything is costly there.
he smsed me to tell me that he got his bed.
now he needs to buy a fan.
money is pourin out like rain over there and i wish i could help but he said no.

i'm igonoring my miss him feelin so that i could live my day happily
and it's kinda hard.
i dare not to think about him but i still do.
there's nothing i nor him can do
except to just go with what God has planned for us.

we pray for this relationship to last
and pray that God will give us the courage and strength.

1 comment:

dYnA said...

jGn sediH k!
sOon FaiZ wiLL coMe BacK foR hoLs,
n u'LL bE thE 1sT pErSon he'LL mEeT.