December 31, 2007

welcome 2008

the new year will be comin soon. i mean really soon like about 13 hours.ehe.
and i still really havent figure out what to include in the new year resolution.
well let's just start this post and if i can think of anything as my new resolution i'll include it in here.

on saturday, it was a very tiring day. i went out with arina. we shopped till drop.ahaha.that's da problem when we are together and we have $$ with us. :)
we went out from 10am to 7 pm. and it was all spend at o.u. we didnt know what to buy at first and just thought we do window shoppin but then after warming up, the adrenalin really starts to pump and we were all over. choosing here and there. fitting here and there. it was lotta fun. eventhou there was a shockin news to arina but she managed to put it aside for awhile.huhuhu..i do hope she's recoverin and that she's happy now. we bought a few stuff. arina bought 2 pants and 2 shirts. and for moi, 3 shirts and pants. we thot of catchin a movie but forgot about it cause end up with shoppin.ehe.thanks arina! it was fun! a good shoppin mate and roomate. :D

new year resolution #1: save more money for kahwin ==> about 200/month

when i got bck from shoppin, my room was a total mess. because ayah bought new air con and old one put in my room. i told him i dont want any cause i'm asthamatic and i wont use it. but he said if people dtg, they use my room to pray and etc so you can turn it on then.huhuhuhu. so feelin tired already, i had to drag my tired legs and arms to clean my room. i managed to clean everything at about 9 pm. my brother was like...kaklong..meh la makan dulu...sedapp ni...ehehehe..i cant eat cause i was furious that my room is still messy. i have to settle it first then have my dinner.ehe.

new year resolution #2: go holiday oversea either with family or friends

sunday, i woke up late cause i was so exhausted. ehehe..then spend da day doin nothing except for eating and watchin tv.ehehehehe.

new year resolution #3: change of style..wear sumthing proper and try to use a lil' makeup...uhuh ==> tough one cause i dont like the feel of it..

new year resolution #4: be more charitable. maybe do some volunteer work on weekends.

new year resolution #5: hang out with friends more often

new year resolution #6: need to be more active & productive and also have a better life after office hours...

well, that's some of it. hope can do some of it. i had a great life in 2007. i've transformed from a student to a graduate to an employee. what's next?maybe a wife to someone???eheheh ;)
i'm thankful for having a wonderful group around me, families, friends, colleagues and etc.

happy new year to all. and have a great holiday tomorrow. :D

December 28, 2007

the one week off

i have been on hols for one week and now i'm back at my little cubicle.
it's back to work.huhuhu...dulu mase kecik and muda2, it's back to school...haish..those days..miss it.long around.those were the young days.
well it doesnt mean that i'm old now. eventhou my age is increasing every year, my soul is young at heart.ehehehe..i sometimes feel like i'm a bit childish but what da heck.

so the one week was a total enjoyment for myself.when else could i get a one week hols from work? ehehehehe..thank you for the public holidays. Thank you Malaysia for being a multi-nation country. so thursday was raya haji. it was moderate. my ayah was busy with the slaughterin on the bukit in front of da house. my bros helped in see only and no touching.huhuhu..apola korang ni. then evening, off to makngah's house. eat nasi dagang.sedapp!!

friday?em...i was out with my baby!!!!yippie ness!!!ehehehehehe..well we went to dgmall at PJ.thanks aliza for showing us the way. it was great!i bought an 160gb external hdisk for 245 and the casing was paid by my boo.thank you sayang.ehehehehe.what else we bought? bought 2 pendrive (for his friends) and aliza bought a digital photo frame and pendrive for her nephew.setelah abis shoppin there, boo n me went to our favorite shoppin place, o.u. aliza went home to see her brand new curtains..eehehehe..she's so excited about thanks for spending time with me. and thanks for all da gifts u bought. best sgt dpt jumpe syg...malu2 gak sbb rase cam first time kuar gediks la me. :P

saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday ==> cherating!!!! mandi pool, mandi laut and makan je...ehehehe..best2 sbb kali ni makngah, pakngah, boy and kak zuhara join. next time gonna ajak da whole bunch with da little ones..ehehe..

wednesday==> was supposed to be bck at the office but got some emergency matters. ehehehe. :D

tomorrow i have a date. a date with my roomie...ehehehe..miss her..nak borak2 and spend time together.ehehehe..

new year resolution???hmm..need to think bout it.for the past resolution i managed to do some weight and erm..ganti pose sebelum end of i go on with my life, i'll think of what i can do to be a better ummah here and after.and above all if God's willings.

December 13, 2007

updates on my life and people that surrounds me.

last week was nice.
went out twice after work.i usually dont go out after work cause too tired..~~~~~~so this is kinda weird..hehehe..

one was with ija, arina and fatin. we went for a movie. enchanted was a funny one. at first i feel like i'm in the wrong cinema cause it started with cartoons. i feel like when i was a kid watching sleeping dreamy is to dream for..ehehhee...i dunno what actually attract me to like him.his looks, not a look to die for.maybe it is his charisma.

another outing was with my old schoolmates. yup a time where gossips flew around non-stop. it was fun seeing them - dyna, azani, wani and the far away one is aifaa. she's workin in Langkawi so it's hard for us to meet her. nway we got our chocs. ehe. thanks babe. it was an enjoying moment listening to all chatting bout works and stuff. i think it was like just yesterday we sang backstreet boys and eating our favorite nasi lemak while aifaa is crying because can not tahan the we are actually grown up to becoming a women..not girls anymore.
nway we ate at ss2, a place called william. it is a gerai mkn yg low cost nye. like the one yg tepi jln..ehe..actually it is tepi jln.ehehehe..but then when it comes to the menu..........GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!
they don't have a menu actually but if u ask the tauke, william, this is what he will reply:
"we have rice, noodles, bread, pastas and etc..."
"u want chicken, meat or seafood"
"u want it western, malay, thai n etc..."
aaaaaaa...aifaa, azani n me were like confused.we have no idea what to last this is what we ordered. btw, azani n me shared our food. oh yeah..i forgot to mention that one plate, 2-3 people can share. yup, the portion is huge.

wani = seafood cabonara ==> we cant see the pasta because it was covered with lobster,mussels,prawns and lots of seafood that i don't even know.ehehhehe..damn nice!!!
aifa = nasi goreng ayam ==> ayam was a quater and the rice was one huge one..very delicious
adik aifa, alia = nasi goreng seafood pedas w/out ketam ==>same portion,
azani n me = spaghetti bolognise and mashed potatoes ==> serving was huge, uncle william gave us extra plate straight away..
dyna = chicken fonde...ape ntah it's chicken with cheese filling and white cream pasta...nyummy..

that's about food and now about drinks...aaaaa.. there's 1 litre or 325 ml drinks.ehe.if u dont mention the size, they will give u the huge one. aifa, alia, n me ordered normal drinks, teh o, limau ais and etc. azani ordered mango(325 ml) ==> two whole mango blended. wani had ribena longan (1 litre )and dyna had longan (1 litre).

well the cost???i say it was considered cheap. for 6 people i think it was more or less rm100...

weekends went to PD. my mom's family day.relaxing one.nice........all i did was lepak at the beach, eat, sleep and lepak at the beach.ehehehe.

another 1 week and he'll be back. i miss him. everyday talk on the phone but i still miss him.....
cepat la balik..x saba nak jumpe...

congrats to fuz n dyna ==> at last they got a job.

happy birthday ija!!!

bandung, here we come.....soon...ehehehe..

December 04, 2007

i love this song now~~~

Bubbly - Colbie Caillat

I've been awake for a while now
You got me feeling like a child now
'Cause every time I see your bubbly face
I get the tinglies in a silly place

It starts in my toes
And I crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go

The rain is falling on my window pane
But we are hiding in a safer place
Under covers staying safe and warm
You give me feelings that I adore

It starts in my toes
And I crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go

What am I going to say
When you make me feel this way
I just mmmmm

And it starts in my toes
And I crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go

I've been asleep for a while now
You tuck me in just like a child now
'Cause every time you hold me in your arms
I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth

And it starts in my soul
And I lose all control
When you kiss my nose
The feeling shows
'cause you make me smile baby
Just take your time now
Holdin' me tight

Wherever wherever wherever you go
Wherever wherever wherever you go

wherever you go
I always know
'Cause you make me smile
Even just for a while

December 03, 2007

da unexpected

she felt goosebumps growin on her skins.
she must have been imagining things..some weird and creepy things.
she didn't dare to share it with her friends nor fmaily cause she's afraid of accepting the comments they will say about her dreams and imaginations.
then the guy came closer and she saw his mouth was moving and saying something but she just couldn't figure it out.she tried to concentrate but failed. what da heck is that man trying to tell her?


well that's just another old stories that was just in my mind. must be from some books that i read..ehehe..

within 17 days, he'll be comin home and will be closer. yippie!!
i can't wait to see him. i don't care how long or short. i just wanna lay my eyes on him and just stare at his face. i'm all excited inside. it's like being on first date. eheheh..this is good.'s good. it doesn't make me feel bored cause i only get to see him once in a blue moon. and then suddenly i will get to see him. this is wonderful..i love this..i think i can go on like this.ehehe..but if we are married darling, i don't think i like this idea of being apart.

so weekend, spent it in melaka. we're attending my ayahs family day. it was free so why miss the chance to get free holiday? ehe. the place was nice. we kinda have to rushed a bit cause my next door neighbour held a wedding ceremony so we need to help. it's all about manners of being a good neighbours. the ceremony ended at 4++. then we started to load the car with our bags. short holidays so few bags. it was a relaxing drive and we made a few pit stops here and there. when arrived, we headed straight for dinner. my ayah got his award. congrats! a nice watch...suitable for me too..hahahaha..

the next day after bfast, i tried the sauna. it was not that bad or good. comci-comca~~
then we left and headed for the town to hve lunch. ate the nicest asam pedas other than my ayah's and the price was time we eat here! went shoppin a bit then headed for kl. went for dinner at ampang and got bck home after a long day.

on 28th nov, i blanje my dad, as in daddy, and the whole bunch for dinner at bora asmara. very nice and relaxing place. it was for his bday. happy bday daddy! we even had a lil surprise for him. a slice of cake and the band sang bday song for him. after he blew the candles, the band sang Allah selamatkan was embrassed a bit.but we liked it!my mum requested a song dedicated to my daddy.ehehe.nice2. the food was alright. we ordered ala carte. maybe there, the specialties are the tom yam and bali dancing fish. next time we can try it.

miss my rumie...she went for training. can't wait for her to get back.eheheh.

and on friday, had a wonderful lunch with ainul at feels like the good ol' times...just sittin and sharing feelins....

me & ashraf