December 03, 2007

da unexpected

she felt goosebumps growin on her skins.
she must have been imagining things..some weird and creepy things.
she didn't dare to share it with her friends nor fmaily cause she's afraid of accepting the comments they will say about her dreams and imaginations.
then the guy came closer and she saw his mouth was moving and saying something but she just couldn't figure it out.she tried to concentrate but failed. what da heck is that man trying to tell her?


well that's just another old stories that was just in my mind. must be from some books that i read..ehehe..

within 17 days, he'll be comin home and will be closer. yippie!!
i can't wait to see him. i don't care how long or short. i just wanna lay my eyes on him and just stare at his face. i'm all excited inside. it's like being on first date. eheheh..this is good.'s good. it doesn't make me feel bored cause i only get to see him once in a blue moon. and then suddenly i will get to see him. this is wonderful..i love this..i think i can go on like this.ehehe..but if we are married darling, i don't think i like this idea of being apart.

so weekend, spent it in melaka. we're attending my ayahs family day. it was free so why miss the chance to get free holiday? ehe. the place was nice. we kinda have to rushed a bit cause my next door neighbour held a wedding ceremony so we need to help. it's all about manners of being a good neighbours. the ceremony ended at 4++. then we started to load the car with our bags. short holidays so few bags. it was a relaxing drive and we made a few pit stops here and there. when arrived, we headed straight for dinner. my ayah got his award. congrats! a nice watch...suitable for me too..hahahaha..

the next day after bfast, i tried the sauna. it was not that bad or good. comci-comca~~
then we left and headed for the town to hve lunch. ate the nicest asam pedas other than my ayah's and the price was time we eat here! went shoppin a bit then headed for kl. went for dinner at ampang and got bck home after a long day.

on 28th nov, i blanje my dad, as in daddy, and the whole bunch for dinner at bora asmara. very nice and relaxing place. it was for his bday. happy bday daddy! we even had a lil surprise for him. a slice of cake and the band sang bday song for him. after he blew the candles, the band sang Allah selamatkan was embrassed a bit.but we liked it!my mum requested a song dedicated to my daddy.ehehe.nice2. the food was alright. we ordered ala carte. maybe there, the specialties are the tom yam and bali dancing fish. next time we can try it.

miss my rumie...she went for training. can't wait for her to get back.eheheh.

and on friday, had a wonderful lunch with ainul at feels like the good ol' times...just sittin and sharing feelins....

me & ashraf

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