December 28, 2007

the one week off

i have been on hols for one week and now i'm back at my little cubicle.
it's back to work.huhuhu...dulu mase kecik and muda2, it's back to school...haish..those days..miss it.long around.those were the young days.
well it doesnt mean that i'm old now. eventhou my age is increasing every year, my soul is young at heart.ehehehe..i sometimes feel like i'm a bit childish but what da heck.

so the one week was a total enjoyment for myself.when else could i get a one week hols from work? ehehehehe..thank you for the public holidays. Thank you Malaysia for being a multi-nation country. so thursday was raya haji. it was moderate. my ayah was busy with the slaughterin on the bukit in front of da house. my bros helped in see only and no touching.huhuhu..apola korang ni. then evening, off to makngah's house. eat nasi dagang.sedapp!!

friday?em...i was out with my baby!!!!yippie ness!!!ehehehehehe..well we went to dgmall at PJ.thanks aliza for showing us the way. it was great!i bought an 160gb external hdisk for 245 and the casing was paid by my boo.thank you sayang.ehehehehe.what else we bought? bought 2 pendrive (for his friends) and aliza bought a digital photo frame and pendrive for her nephew.setelah abis shoppin there, boo n me went to our favorite shoppin place, o.u. aliza went home to see her brand new curtains..eehehehe..she's so excited about thanks for spending time with me. and thanks for all da gifts u bought. best sgt dpt jumpe syg...malu2 gak sbb rase cam first time kuar gediks la me. :P

saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday ==> cherating!!!! mandi pool, mandi laut and makan je...ehehehe..best2 sbb kali ni makngah, pakngah, boy and kak zuhara join. next time gonna ajak da whole bunch with da little ones..ehehe..

wednesday==> was supposed to be bck at the office but got some emergency matters. ehehehe. :D

tomorrow i have a date. a date with my roomie...ehehehe..miss her..nak borak2 and spend time together.ehehehe..

new year resolution???hmm..need to think bout it.for the past resolution i managed to do some weight and erm..ganti pose sebelum end of i go on with my life, i'll think of what i can do to be a better ummah here and after.and above all if God's willings.

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dYnA said...

aChiEvEd yOUr 2oo7 resoLutiOn ;)

mY dReaM tO LoOse WeighTHalf jEr..
fEw kG mOrE tO gO...