December 13, 2007

updates on my life and people that surrounds me.

last week was nice.
went out twice after work.i usually dont go out after work cause too tired..~~~~~~so this is kinda weird..hehehe..

one was with ija, arina and fatin. we went for a movie. enchanted was a funny one. at first i feel like i'm in the wrong cinema cause it started with cartoons. i feel like when i was a kid watching sleeping dreamy is to dream for..ehehhee...i dunno what actually attract me to like him.his looks, not a look to die for.maybe it is his charisma.

another outing was with my old schoolmates. yup a time where gossips flew around non-stop. it was fun seeing them - dyna, azani, wani and the far away one is aifaa. she's workin in Langkawi so it's hard for us to meet her. nway we got our chocs. ehe. thanks babe. it was an enjoying moment listening to all chatting bout works and stuff. i think it was like just yesterday we sang backstreet boys and eating our favorite nasi lemak while aifaa is crying because can not tahan the we are actually grown up to becoming a women..not girls anymore.
nway we ate at ss2, a place called william. it is a gerai mkn yg low cost nye. like the one yg tepi jln..ehe..actually it is tepi jln.ehehehe..but then when it comes to the menu..........GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!
they don't have a menu actually but if u ask the tauke, william, this is what he will reply:
"we have rice, noodles, bread, pastas and etc..."
"u want chicken, meat or seafood"
"u want it western, malay, thai n etc..."
aaaaaaa...aifaa, azani n me were like confused.we have no idea what to last this is what we ordered. btw, azani n me shared our food. oh yeah..i forgot to mention that one plate, 2-3 people can share. yup, the portion is huge.

wani = seafood cabonara ==> we cant see the pasta because it was covered with lobster,mussels,prawns and lots of seafood that i don't even know.ehehhehe..damn nice!!!
aifa = nasi goreng ayam ==> ayam was a quater and the rice was one huge one..very delicious
adik aifa, alia = nasi goreng seafood pedas w/out ketam ==>same portion,
azani n me = spaghetti bolognise and mashed potatoes ==> serving was huge, uncle william gave us extra plate straight away..
dyna = chicken fonde...ape ntah it's chicken with cheese filling and white cream pasta...nyummy..

that's about food and now about drinks...aaaaa.. there's 1 litre or 325 ml drinks.ehe.if u dont mention the size, they will give u the huge one. aifa, alia, n me ordered normal drinks, teh o, limau ais and etc. azani ordered mango(325 ml) ==> two whole mango blended. wani had ribena longan (1 litre )and dyna had longan (1 litre).

well the cost???i say it was considered cheap. for 6 people i think it was more or less rm100...

weekends went to PD. my mom's family day.relaxing one.nice........all i did was lepak at the beach, eat, sleep and lepak at the beach.ehehehe.

another 1 week and he'll be back. i miss him. everyday talk on the phone but i still miss him.....
cepat la balik..x saba nak jumpe...

congrats to fuz n dyna ==> at last they got a job.

happy birthday ija!!!

bandung, here we come.....soon...ehehehe..


dYnA said...

jealous nyer you going to bandung!
nk ikut leh?

ajaninoa said...

i miss u guys them much.jom la kuar lgi

SaRaH said...

jom kuar jom..dyna plan sumthing..ehehhe..

dYnA said...

mE pLan SumtHing? AjAni bLoGginG aGaiN? boLeH! tRiP tO LanGkAwi oK! :p oR LeTs CatCh a MoviE! LanG kAwi Jauh SgT...

Edward Ott said...

Eid Mubarak