December 31, 2007

welcome 2008

the new year will be comin soon. i mean really soon like about 13 hours.ehe.
and i still really havent figure out what to include in the new year resolution.
well let's just start this post and if i can think of anything as my new resolution i'll include it in here.

on saturday, it was a very tiring day. i went out with arina. we shopped till drop.ahaha.that's da problem when we are together and we have $$ with us. :)
we went out from 10am to 7 pm. and it was all spend at o.u. we didnt know what to buy at first and just thought we do window shoppin but then after warming up, the adrenalin really starts to pump and we were all over. choosing here and there. fitting here and there. it was lotta fun. eventhou there was a shockin news to arina but she managed to put it aside for awhile.huhuhu..i do hope she's recoverin and that she's happy now. we bought a few stuff. arina bought 2 pants and 2 shirts. and for moi, 3 shirts and pants. we thot of catchin a movie but forgot about it cause end up with shoppin.ehe.thanks arina! it was fun! a good shoppin mate and roomate. :D

new year resolution #1: save more money for kahwin ==> about 200/month

when i got bck from shoppin, my room was a total mess. because ayah bought new air con and old one put in my room. i told him i dont want any cause i'm asthamatic and i wont use it. but he said if people dtg, they use my room to pray and etc so you can turn it on then.huhuhuhu. so feelin tired already, i had to drag my tired legs and arms to clean my room. i managed to clean everything at about 9 pm. my brother was like...kaklong..meh la makan dulu...sedapp ni...ehehehe..i cant eat cause i was furious that my room is still messy. i have to settle it first then have my dinner.ehe.

new year resolution #2: go holiday oversea either with family or friends

sunday, i woke up late cause i was so exhausted. ehehe..then spend da day doin nothing except for eating and watchin tv.ehehehehe.

new year resolution #3: change of style..wear sumthing proper and try to use a lil' makeup...uhuh ==> tough one cause i dont like the feel of it..

new year resolution #4: be more charitable. maybe do some volunteer work on weekends.

new year resolution #5: hang out with friends more often

new year resolution #6: need to be more active & productive and also have a better life after office hours...

well, that's some of it. hope can do some of it. i had a great life in 2007. i've transformed from a student to a graduate to an employee. what's next?maybe a wife to someone???eheheh ;)
i'm thankful for having a wonderful group around me, families, friends, colleagues and etc.

happy new year to all. and have a great holiday tomorrow. :D

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