December 22, 2008

Dangerously Delicious Apple Cake

this time i will not blog bout me..but i'm here to promote my friend's Apple Cake. mentioned in the title the Apple Cake is called Dangerously Delicious Apple Cake or in short Double D Apple Cake.

If anyone is interested please let me know or you can email her at

She's taking orders right now!! So come on people..start ordering this cake and i bet you, you will want to order 2nd!

Size : Big (As seen in the picture)
Selling for: RM 30 only
Size: Small (Half of the big)
Selling for: RM 15 only

Payment method: COD or Bank-In
Delivery Method: To any PUTRA Station (Gombak <=> Kelana Jaya)

December 19, 2008


there's an orchid in my office. actually it belongs to a colleague of mine. his wife gave it to him.

so, since he was not here most of the time, the orchid kinda 'died'. no one took care of it..kesian pokok.

then another colleague of mine came back and took care of it. she told me how it should be. she said that orchid is tough. they can still grow if the root is still good. so, i placed the orchid near the window so that it will get it's sunlight and i water it every few days.let it do its fotosistesis and walla! magically there's a new one coming out. yay! i got green hands.see for urself..


December 16, 2008

ikan bakar

i smell ikan bakar today because tadi masa lunch i pegi makan ikan bakar bersama colleagues.

ade sorang ni haa memang suka makan ikan bakar. i rase setipa bulan sure die akan mengidam ikan bakar.nasib muka tak tuka jadi ikan bakar. i bukan nye marah or rasa x berpuas hati. ehehe..tetapi saya suka!!! saya pun suka makan ikan bakar.wakakaka. terima kasih ek.

driver kali ni pening2 kpala sbb tak tau nak ikut jalan mana. kiteorg yang lain dlm kete sebut sume jalan yg kiteorg tau. bagus kan...padahal tak menolong langsung.lagi memeningkan kepala driver tu je. maaf la driver dpt kami yang sebegini.anyways terima kasih kerana sanggup membawa kami makan ikan bakar dengan kereta mu yang kiut miut macam kiteorg sume.eheheh.

ramai sungguh orang and cuaca plak panas. nasib ada kipas. so sejuk la. pandai driver pilih port yang dapat kipas direct. i like ok. sumeorg makan ikan yg same..ikan pari. ade ikan terubok yg sedap tp if makan ikan itu akan mengambil masa yg lame sbbnye ikan itu banyak tulang. sesuai makan di rumah..bole bersepah2 ckit and tak payah control2.anyway, kami berempat makan dengan rakus skali sbb sedap and lapar.sumeorg senyap je time makan. lps makan baru mula sesi bergossip.sungguh la tiada keje.

harga makanan di tempat itu kinda expensive. nasib la sedap. xpe la skali skala. oohhh..lupe nak bgtau kat mane kiteorg makan...ape ek..dieorg panggil tempat tu ikan bakar kat belakang istana. i rase i pnah ke tempat itu tp tak dpt memanggil saat2 itu di dalam memori ku.

saya nak balik rumah. sbb kenyang and mengantuk. sy rase sy nak beli clutch utk bday girl. saya harap die x bace blog ni.wakakakaka...i know you will be reading je nak potong stim.wakakaka...kesian awak ada kawan cam saya..nasib la~~~eheheh.

truk nye mengarang dalam bahasa malaysia.huhuhu...berterabur abis. if cikgu isa (cikgu BM masa darjah 6 baca ni sure die amik pembaris panjang yang berwarna kuning and slap my palms.huhuhu...masih ingat kejadian saya di kecualikan...wakakakakak =P ramai orang x berpuas hati pada masa itu...nak tau knapa saya di kecualikan????sbb pembaris itu dah pendek...pendek sbb patah apabila pukul beberapa org paling last dlm barisan itu...ehehhee... =P


December 11, 2008

2008 resolution..ok or not??

well new year is coming let's see how many things have i accomplished in my 2008 resolution...jap ek..kena cari entry tu jap. x igt la bile wat.huhuhuhu...owh..daku sudah jumpa..let's start

new year resolution #1: save more money for kahwin ==> about 200/month
accomplished! i saved more than i intended to..good job!

new year resolution #2: go holiday oversea either with family or friends
right on target! i went to bandung with arina n ija..FUN..totally~~oso bankrupt~~wuhuuu

new year resolution #3: change of style..wear sumthing proper and try to use a lil' makeup...uhuh ==> tough one cause i dont like the feel of it..
geez..not really. i did wear makeup..emm.. sumtimes. wear sumthing proper..i need to clarify myself on this..i don't know what i meant by sumthing proper..doink!

new year resolution #4: be more charitable. maybe do some volunteer work on weekends.
does donations count?hope so.have not done any voluteer work..does babysitting count?...ahahaha..

new year resolution #5: hang out with friends more often
early in the year, spend lots of time with them but towards the end, everyone was caught up in work and really don't have time for each other.including me...SUCKS!

new year resolution #6: need to be more active & productive and also have a better life after office hours...
active n productive...hmm..ok i think life after office is just tiring and i think spending time with my family is better off.did go out a few times with my cousins n friends..but mostly out with my bros..dieorg ni suke menyusahkan kaklong dieorg..tgh2 mlm pun lapa n ajak kuar..

so that was it...i'll think of 2009 resolution later. i already got 1 in my mind.ehehhe..


December 01, 2008

girls's nite INN

i spent the nyte @ aliza's house on thursday. shikin also. we had a blast in givin aliza a hard time.**wink**wink**

her house is so nice!!shikin n i was freakin excited and made us feel like we wanted to but one.ahahah...

like normal girls, we cooked our dinner. homemade dinner. chef was aliza, helper shikin n me of course. so this was the menu that awesome nyte

Salad dressing~~shikin's style

Salad~~healthy food

Lemon Coke

Chicken Beriyani Gam

Kacang Goreng

After dinner, we started the art class. Painting. It was fun. We were good in not making a mess. :)

We thot of taking pictures but the rain didn't stop so we cancelled on that. Next morning, shikin made nasi goreng and we brought it to the office. oh..we also brought the caramel pudding. X sempat nk makan mlm td sbb terlalu kenyang. hehehe.

let's do this again!!!

~~off to work~~

November 25, 2008

1st Day Out

This is my brother, Aziq. First time goin out after da special day.ehe. Susah nk suruh die pki sluar. It took awhile..finally got it on. Saturday plan to im watch madagascar 2. Bring my mom along. Ehe.

Lunch @ the apartment

Last friday ainul n i had lunch @ the apartment. Ainul had the mediterenean sandwich while i had da bake fish. It was nice but da bread was hard.uhu.then we got free dessert..cupcakes.cute n too sweet..nxt place where?ehe.hv to ask ainul la.:-P

November 20, 2008

so long and farewell my dear friend and kenduri utk aziq

so we celebrated Azra's last day here with us. it was fun. makan chicken...Kenny Rogers because Azra likes or i should re phase that..LOVES CHICKEN..~~~sile sebut CHICKEN seperti Azra menyebut nya.~~~tq!

then we bought a cake and a huge card to celebrate it back in the office. mkn cake after eating not sesuai..KENYANG YANG AMAT!

after office, some of us went KA-RA-OKE..i didn't get to go coz i need to prepare for my bro's kenduri.ehehhe..wat bunga telur and door gift for the tetamu yang hadir.
so balik rumah, i started to rebus all the eggs. i got so many advice from people on how to make sure that the boiled egg won't i used what my officemate told me. put the eggs in the pot. put some water. and add some salt in it. boil on a slow-medium fire. tadaaa!! the result was good. i got only 5 cracked eggs from the total of 50.ehehehe..bagus2.boleh dah kawin!

so next was to prepare the bunga telur.terima kasih to my bro, Jaan, for helping me out. Ajim langsung x turun. alasan die..."mane org reti wat bende2 nih...kaklong reti la sbb kaklong pompuan and Jaan creative" alasan yg sgt POYO..apela Ajim ni. well Aziq helped by teman me sampai i finished it.that will do..

the kenduri turned out smooth. Alhamdulillah. everything cukup. thanks to those yang telah menolong. jiran2ku...siap pinjam khemah pakcik jalal utk masak. yep this time masak sendiri ok!
my dad slept like around 3am to cook all the food.i was on my bed snoring away @10pm.hahaha..hempeh tol.penat ok.thanks to those yg datang also.actually it was also kenduri kesyukuran for me because i got a job and good pay and everything la.ehehehhe.again Alhamdullilah.

i got MC for 2 days. the doctor gave to me because no one is available at home to take care og Aziq.cian la die.ehehe..he kept saying..."ma..sakit ma...bile nak baik ni ma???"cian die.but after 5 hours of sleep..he was hungry.semua benda nak mkn and he keeps going to the loo.haih..letey gak jaga org yg bersunat nih.

the next day..went to the doc again to cabut the balutan.OUCH!!!sakitnye...huhuhu.i pulak yg rase sakit.huhu.but okla..he doesn't whine so much like yesterday.eheheh..getting better i guess.
cepatla baik...i want to go see madagascar 2!!!! :P

so conclusion....ALHAMDULILLAH and THANK YOU to those yg dtg.of course they wont be reading this blog because most of them are my parents' friends.ngeeee~~~~


November 12, 2008

i'm in one of those days...

ok..i'm currently facing one of those days..where i see certain people whom look or have anything similar to him.


i'm goin nuts! i think it's time for him to come back.uhuhuhu.
i need to see him. eventhou just for a short while would do.

i told him about this and he only laughs.geezz..x riso ke ur gf goin nuts? :P

ohh..i had the local fruit in miri - tarap. nice. it looks like cempedak and the isi also. difference only in the taste n color of the isi. it's kinda beige color and it taste so nice. sweet n nice. when u cool it in the fridge it's much more nicer! i've also had the small local durian. very cute one! isi color orange. almost like a neon orange.ehehe.nice and the smell not that strong as in the normal big durians.good la! thanks to Lena's sis for bringing us there. nice nice people la dieorg ni..

i got the stuff from houston already. thanks shikin! the wallet is nice. and the bag....haih...i next trip i pesan more!

friendship wise...hmmm..kinda quite lately. i think because everyone is caught up in work. maybe one day we'll just gather everyone up and have dinner together. i managed to invite huda over this sunday. at last can jumpe you, sis. it's been too long already.

my bro is sitting for his SPM. all da best to him. i know u don't like to study but try ur best kay. he's been trying so hard to study..huhuhu..kesian die.terlentok2 atas meja je.huhuhu..don't worry bro...lagi a few more days and u'll be done.

i'm in the mid of preparing for my lil' bro function. nak kena pi sunat.eheheh..alahai..dah besar dah die..and i'm getting old.uhu.don't worry lil' bro..u'll be fine.kejap je day dah leh pi main bola dah.ehehehhe..

i'm also looking into buying condo.huahuahua....seen some that i've like but it's out of my league..too expensive..i guess when u want something nice, it gonna cost more. there ain't anything cheap for nice things..huhuhu.just gotta look and search some more..anyone have any suggestion??

my main goal on saving now it's like..for:
  1. condo
  2. wedding
  3. future

my parents already suggesting some things for my wedding..uhuhuhu..i don't know why.they seem to be really into it nowadays and it's kinda making me feel nervous and stressed. i'm not even engage or anything and he doesn't even have plans for it chill la....hiyaaa..kadang2 parents bole menakutkan anak2 in weird ways...this is how my parents do it.talking and planning about wedding when it's not even near yet..or shall i say in the picture yet.

so let me continue worrying and daydreaming about my wedding.ahahaha.


November 09, 2008


Baby went for a jog just now n he saw this. See what is written in da clouds.. Alif lam lam ha.

November 05, 2008

back in miri

yep..bloggin in miri again.
this time my turn to conduct all the 2 apps here.
long way~~`so far day 1 is done.completed.finished.settled.
got 2 more days to go and hoping all goes well.

so far i'm enjoying the food here. lalapan for dinner today. yay!
and we're staying in a different hotel. not bad.
gettin da chocs from brunei soon..nyummy..

October 30, 2008

hectic saturday

saturday was hectic.

  • missed our flights to KB..damn air asia...i dunno why u want to close the counter so early..
  • fought with the girl @ the sales je nak tipu kiteorg ckp ticket dah abis..ko igt kiteorg bodoh ke??? stupid*#&%#$%#!!
  • lost our way to the main event...

but some things turned out great.

  • got to chat with Arina & Ija @ Pelita over breakfast. Laugh our heads off.
  • got VVIP treatment when arrived @ main event..
  • got to fill my tummy with lots of food!

thanks Arina for tumpang us at your house. :)

October 23, 2008


i know i forgot to wish you on your special day babe. i'm so sorry. so to make it up to you i dedicate this post especially for you.

on your birthday,
remember to thank Allah for giving u life on earth
remember to thank your parents for letting you see the world and shower you with love n happiness
remember to thank your friends for adding spice n sweetness to your life.
numbers don't really matter just as long as you lived your life as you wanted, that what makes you young..

thank you for being a great friend to me...remember how we started to became friends???thank you to the internship period..eheheh..missing and love you so much babe.

October 21, 2008

my weekend

nothing much to write about the weekend.
spend time @ home watching anything on astro.may it be cooking shows, cartoons and what so ever.

my dearest cousin got engaged on sunday. she was pretty in purple. the pelamin with chandelier and all. it was all nice. congratulations Imma. now i'm wondering who will be next in the Zain's family???it shld be Ita then. she's getting married in November? or is it December? I'm all many weddings to attend to makes me wonder when is it my turn? i bet ya it's not goin to happen soon.

so this Friday, Ija n me are goin to sleepover @ Arina's house. we're leaving for KB next morning @ 7am. i can't wait to go to Gjoe & Syatul's reception and jalan2 in KB.ehehe. hope everything will be ok there.

Boy & Kak Zuhara is planning to go to Bandung again. So i might be tagging along with them next year. i think they are planning to go in April. baby u wanna come along? we can celebrate your birthday there and no need to be shy...u've met Boy & Kak Zuhara..ehehe..anyone else wanna join us?i think this time i want to shop for myself. i'm not gonna take any orders from anyone.i'm being selfish here peeps. ngeeee... :P

i will be goin to Miri soon. Not holiday..mind you's for work. i do hope that i'll be able to conduct everything well and smooth. i'm kinda nervous. looking for help from my colleagues...sape ade di Miri ek????

so i've watched house of bunny with my boo..i know..i know..i know what u people are thinking..ehehe..but that's like the only show at that time and we haven't seen any movies for like ages!!!anyway i'm so glad i've watched it because it was so dumb and so freakin funny! well it made my day very happy. i think it was because of too many endorphines being released. and i managed to released my stress.good good me.yayness!!

ok all..have a nice day.toooodaaaloo~~

October 15, 2008

raya tag oleh panadol7e

Berapa helai baju raya anda tahun ini?
Ade 2 helai baju kurung, Warna lebey kurang...hitam, pink, purple. 2-2 batik.

Apakah makanan raya tradisional kegemaran anda?
Sy suke ketupat daun palas...

Apakah biskut raya kegemaran anda?
Biskut arab sy bake sendiri

Bape banyak duit raya anda dapat n spend untuk bagi kat bebudak?
Ntah...byk juge la...

Apakah aktiviti malam raya korang?
Gosok baju family members so nnt xyah nak rebut iron.wakakaka.

Who to tag?
Sape2 yg bace blog ini....

October 13, 2008

lookin back and thinkin ahead

i was goin through some of the old photos..
time has flown so fast and i'm getting old.

i don't think my face change that much..but the size..ehehe..byk..kejap tembam n kejap not.ehehe.

actually what i'm trying to tell is that..after seeing all the photos of friends getting married and engaged and everything..i feel happy.

i can't believe that they are now mrs. and not ms. they belong to someone they sweeet~~

dont ask me when it's my turn because i have no idea. i leave everything that God had planned. all i can do is just prepare myself.

well this entry is dedicated to all of my friends that have gotten married. wish u all the happiness and can't wait to see ur babies~~~..eheheh..

October 10, 2008


I can't describe my feelings..i feel so thankful..

Ya Allah..terima kasih atas pemberian-MU...

September 29, 2008

from Labuan with LOVE

yes!!! i went to Labuan. visit my boyfriend. ehehe..

so i arrived in Labuan on the evening of 26th. the flight from Miri to Labuan was only 40 mins..but the pilot was so nice he made it within 30 mins..i think. because i remember after breaking my fast, the pilot announced, ladies n gentlemen, we will be landing soon.bla..bla..bla..break fast was at 6.15pm.

so i arrived safely in Labuan n waited for him to fetch me. then went a hotel to check-in. the original plan was to stay over at his friend's house but it has to be cancelled. cheap hotel..okla..1 nite only. after freshing up, we headed to Anjung Ketam. yes...makan KETAM. sedappp sgt!!!!!menjilat jari...eheheh...i rase nak jilat plate tuh trus..he ordered buttermilk and blackpepper crabs, sotong grg tepung n sayur kailan.memang sedap and fresh...ehehe..and it was cheap!!!

ketam blackpepper

ketam buttermilk

sotong grg tepung

after the nice dinner, we pusing2 Labuan. visited his office, my office and other offices there. then he dropped me off at the hotel to get some rest.tomorrow is the day for shoppin!

for sahur- i had nasi grg cina..portion die sgt byk..x abis mkn pun. then cont. tdo and woke up at 7.30. mandi2 & pack things up n waited for him. die lmbt sbb tertido but i dont mind..nasib ade cite best kat TV.ehehe. so jln2 along the town. shopping for chocolates, kain, at 12 gi hotel utk check out. then continue shoppin lagi. around 3+ we headed to the ocean...sigh~~~~~it was so nice.the wind blowing and seeing the waves..just nice.we managed to ctach the sunset.romantic la plak.wakakakaka..then berbuka kat gerai along the ocean. i had mee hailam.sedap juge..n i finished it.ehehe..air order byk sbb tersgt la after berbuka, we headed for the airport for me to return to semenanjung...

ocean facing the semananjung

tgh tggu time berbuka..

posing lagi to kill da time

thanks my love for being my tourist guide. i enjoyed it very much! nak gi lagi...ehehe..

September 27, 2008

updates on Miri

here's some pictures in Miri...

Lena & Me at the top of one and only hills in Miri

Hooi Koon & me

@ the first well drilled in Miri

@ the same place....ade byk info along on the walls

nasi lalapan...half eaten..

home-made ice- cream yg sedap...d'rocher & blueberry cheesecake

September 24, 2008

jln2 in miri

so yesterday, my colleague bring me jln2 around miri. i was so nice. the weather, it was just nice. then she brought me to the famous 'nasi lalapan'. guess what? it turned out that 'nasi lalapan' is just the same as nasi timbel. the one i ate when i was in bandung. but this time, i ordered ikan tenggiri. the fish was nice and the sambal....wala! damn nice! very fresh!!! and to make my day more better...i got 2 ikan tenggiri.eheheh...haa..i'm planning to go thr 2moro. i'll tapau this time..ehehe...best2.

ok enough about food, well after work, we actually went to 'canada hills'. this is the only highland u can get in miri. the cool part was that it was here that they drilled the very 1st well in malaysia. and another cool thing is that the hill was like a side was the town and the other was the forest.we got to see the sunset there. =D

so after dinner at muara- the lalapan restaurant, we wanted to try the local fruit...which is known as tarap or talap..i'm not really sure. but didn't get any. i was all finished. the fruits only come out 2 times in a year. and it happened to be september and october and to make it more special....u can only get this fruit bad we didn't get to taste any...

so to cheer things up, we headed for home-made ice-cream.the place is called desserts. it was so delicious that today, after the berbuka with company, i'm goin to get another.ehehhee...nasib ade kedai dekat ngan hotel.

i already did a bit shoppin. buying some souveniors for my mom and my friends. i'm a bit tight on budget so can't spend that much..sayang~~~xpe..i'm sure that in the future i will come back to miri..that is if i'm still with my current company.ehe.

so my colleague told me that i might need to go to!!!travel some more.i do hope that if i get to go, the client won't be so tough.huhuhuhu...from the stories that i have heard it's makin me kinda or nervous.

so 2 more days and i'll be off to labuan. gonna get to see baby!!!yayness!!!alang2 dah kat cni ape lagi...ehehe..

later i'll update with some pictures..not much really.huhuh...i'm out to break fast with the company here...daa~~~~

September 22, 2008

bloggin from miri

i'm in miri..
yay..i'm finally out of the office. so this is my chance to prove to people that i can actually give training. not that i can't speak well but it's just that i'm not confident with my knowledge in drilling operations. but hey..after the training, i think i have some more..i mean i understand a lil' bit more.

so here's some pictures i have taken.not much really..

will update more...planning to go jalan2 tomorrow.ehehe...

September 15, 2008

Wedding Plan...

~~i'm tagged by Dyna~~

1.How old are you?
24 yrs old.

2. are you single?
Nope. I'm taken but not legally.

3. in what age do you think you’ll get married?
I wish now. ehehhe..i'm not sure..when the right time comes.

4. do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now??
Yes. *wink - wink to Mr. Faiz*

5. if not, who do you want to marry?
not sure.....please let it be Mr. Faiz

6. do you want a garden/beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?
i was thinking of a garden wedding @ the bukit in front of my house =D

7. your ideal motif?

8. where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?
well..we're thinking of going on a cruise...

9. how many guests do you think you’ll invite?
hmm..geezz...this is the toughest question...i can's say right now because i might have 2 wedding just for the girl's side..i have a big family you know!

10. do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?
simple as it can be but will leave a nice memory for all..

11. do you want the traditional vows or something you’d make up on your own??
kena la cara islam..akad nikah..

12. how many layers of cake do you want to have?
satu je..but it have to damn sedap..can i have an ice cream cake???

13. do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?
i'm not sure...i need to consider how many guests i'm inviting..

14. when do you want to get married, evening or morning?
morning akad nikah then a lil bit in the evening will be the reception.

15. you’d rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?
well..either one can..

16. do you like a grand entrance for your groom?
a grand entrance for both of us...we will be walking side by side, hand in hand, to the pelamin. =D

18. name the song/tune you’d like played at your wedding??
hmm..byk..kena diskas lagi ni..

19. are you a morning person or a night person?
morning..i sleep early..

20. do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?
light one..

21. what age do you want to get married
aikk..soklan ni lagi..skang bole?

22. describe your ideal husband/wife.
cuute..independent, resposible, loving and caring, respects people, tegas and sweet. --all the qualities i see in Mr. Faiz

23. do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?
i prefer fine dining..i want my guests to be comfortable.

24. champagne or red wine?
nak air lain...i like ribena. maybe we can serve blackcurrent drinks.

25. honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
lmbt ckit bole? nak lepak kat umah dulu..

26. money or hosusehold item?
either one also can. i appreciate both. ahahaha.

27. who will pay for the bills?
both la..

28. are you ready for married life?
yeah..i thhink so...x larat nak tanggung dosa..

29. do u think you will still be a virgin until u get married?
of course!

30. will u always be true to your wife/husband?
yes. i will

31. how many kids do u like?
i don't mind. the more the merrier.

32. a new house for a newly wed or an old one?
either one also can..just as long as i can decorate it.

33. will u celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding, or diamond wedding?
i want a platinum ring with engraving inside...

34. what kind of cuisine would u like for ur wedding?
hmm..i want food yang sedap so that all my guests will be happy when they leave the wedding.

35. will u record ur honeymoon in a cd or dvd?
mane2 also can..

36. whose wedding plans would you like to know next??? choose 5 person..
  1. Haliza @ msApple
  2. Shikin...if she's reading this
  3. Fuzziha
  4. Huda @ msPinky
  5. Arina

September 09, 2008

Day 4 in Shoppin Paradise

the second last day here in Bandung.sigh~~~~not much to say..feelin a bit sad cause have to go back and i know work is piling up in the office.uhuhu. well today, we went around and did a "last minute" kinda shopping. there's some items left in the list so today is the last day to finish it.

here's where we went...

  1. from hotel..bfast is the most improtant meal for the day. =D

  2. walked to cihampelas. bought tshirts and necklaces and keychains and bags.had lunch @ a colorful restaurant. =D

  3. take the angkutan to Jl.Riau. went to the Summit, Heritage, Cascade and Stamp FO. Just swipe away my friends.huhuhu.

  4. walked a bit on Jl. Sukajadi and headed back to hotel to drop our bags.

  5. went to Paris van Java Mall...night time is much more nicer...bought JCO for the last time.


Day 3 in Bandung

Day 3 in Bandung was fun. we were on our own and we were broke. we had to do a "joint" money venture. well my money was put aside for the airport tax n of course excess luggage. so the rest of the trip was from ija n arina's cash. and we officially elect ija to be the finance advisor...i know..i know..she's kinda weak in money when shoppin is around but if it was left to either arina or me...well..we could end up GOD who knows where.ehehehee.

so here's where we went...

  1. we had breakfast @ usual filling ourselves up with energy.

  2. then we asked the front desk for directions..and 1st place was Donatello FO. this place was for shoes lover..we have Bata here in Malaysia. they have Donatello. some of the shoes were so damn cute!

  3. then we went down and head to Natural FO. Ija went crazy here. Arina was in trouble because couldn't find size for her nieces. kesian kat die.

  4. next we went to rumah mode again. i know..this place is just nice n kinda big. so this time i managed to go and see the kids section.ehehe...we had our lunch here. and yes..again nasi timbel.eheheh.see how happy ija is after makan nasi timbel..ehehe..

  5. we walked downwards to cihampelas walk. there was a live gig.bought some souveniors. and we headed back to the hotel. it looks like it was goin to rain so early back home..just to be safe.dinner was at the hotel and i got mi goreng yg masin...uhuhuhuhu...


September 03, 2008

Day 2 Bandung

well...on day 2 in Bandung...let me tell u..we were broke.yippie.uhuhuhu.

here's our activities on day 2.

  1. Sukajadi hotel - eat breakfast, gain all the energy so that we can face the day. We booked a car & driver for Rp500k. yeah i know it's expensive but then we were out the whole day and the driver just follow wherever we wanna go for that day...

  2. Tangkuban Perahu - very nice n cold place.i personally didn't enjoyed it much because the people selling necklace, keychains, bags kept on bugging to buy their stuff. it kinda spoiled my mood to go sight seeing.

  3. Kg. Daun - the ever famous place & restaurant in Bandung. I think the food it's quite expensive but still affordable. it's very nice the way they decorated the place. little hut and artificial waterfall from the bottom to the top. u can actually exercise by climbing all the way to the top. i think we managed to go half way only.

  4. Pasar Baru - shopping paradise for those who wants to buy cheap and nice textile, telekung, and etc..this is where we end up broke. =( there's like 7 floors and each floors has its own level 6 is where the food court was. and we had our lunch here. our very first nasi timbel. sedap! then the shopping starts..whatever it is..this is the place for you to apply ur bargaining skills. it was kinda ok for us because overall, arina was the best among of all. i'm in the middle and as for ija....puhhllleeaassseee...she doesn't know how to bargain..she will just agree to whatever the seller says..uhuhu..sorry girl but that's the fact.u said it urself. :)

  5. Jl. Riau - the place where some factory outlets are. here those that are quite well- known..Heritage & Terminal Tas. Heritage is a factory outlet where as Terminal Tas is a place where all the imitations bag, various grades are in.i think we bought our shirts at for the next day at Cascade..ehehe...

  6. Rumah Mode - Jl. Dago - this is another famous factory outlet. it's has a nice landscape, complete with cafeteria and coffee house. i bought some clothes for my brothers here. i'm glad they accept credit card. =) then after that we head back to our hotel. we drive thru- mcd for our dinner...

well that's all for day 2.