January 24, 2008

work n eat

i've been working and eating.
i think i've gained weight.
need to control my appetite.
i eat a lot nowadays.
and it scares me.
maybe it's near that time of the month.

a lot have been on my mind lately.
i dunno how to settle it.
i will need some time for it.
i need to re organize myself.
it's been haywired lately.

been eating at chilis for a few time within this months. aiyoo..need to control.

ooo...forgot...i got invitation to my boss's wedding. yippie!
my baju baru arini anta jahit. hopefully bole siap on time.
it's just a simple baju kurung kain japanese cotton. very da kampung like. ehehe.

i can't wait for holiday again.hmm...that will be on 1st feb. yay!!

January 23, 2008

troubled feelings

~~attention readers: ignore this entry because it's about my feelings~~

bored or not?
sad or happy?
my fault or his?
love or not?
me or him?
i or us?

today, i feel kinda mixed up. i woke up late and had to rush so that i'll make it on time to the office. i fall under the star sign of gemini. geminis are known for their some what mixed personality. one moment they can be cheerful and the next thing u know is the opposite. so that's why i feel this mixed feeling about my relationship.

for the past few days, the relationship is nothing but dry. i hate to admit this but i hate long distance relationship. i have no clue on how to go about with this. sometimes i feel like givin up but then i don't want to end it as easy as this. i'm tryin hard to not feel this way..usually when hearin him on the phone could make me go upside down crazy but lately nothing. no excitement, no miss him, a big NOTHING. i mean i usually like people calling me but with him..i feel..hmm..hate to admit this again...BORED.

this is my fault. i drag myself into feeling all these. my blog is my way of letting it all out and hopefully i can feel better and not feel any mixed feeling bout it. i feel guilty and mad at myself. why should i ever feel like this when all he does is being nothing but nice to me. i'm bad. hate myself for feeling this. and i know something will happen to this but i'm not sure if it's good or bad.

January 08, 2008

a wish for mama

Love you so much!!!


yesterday i did something at the office.
and yes i got caught.
ahahahaha..boy was i in BIG trouble yesterday.i mean really BIG trouble.

guess you all are wonderin what the heck did i do...ehehe...


i was downloading a program from a website for testing purpose. and i didn't know that it would cause such riot in the office.uhuhuhuhuhu....yup...of all the day..it was the day of close out...geezz..weezz..

everybody was like what were you downloading? porn? i was like yeah..porn and they all started laughing.ehehehe..apola..gile ape nak download porn. xde keje ke? baik i download heroes, csi, house..ehehehe...

well yesterday had a chat with da far away guy of mine. it feels great. dah luahkan segala perasaan sedih, happy, bosan, letih, ceria and what so ever fell in those category of emotions. :D
thanks sayang.dgr sy bercerita. love you lots!!!muaaakkkksss!!!!!

January 02, 2008

confession of a girlfriend

I MISS HIM!!!!!!!!

Cepat la balik baby...uhuhuhu....