January 24, 2008

work n eat

i've been working and eating.
i think i've gained weight.
need to control my appetite.
i eat a lot nowadays.
and it scares me.
maybe it's near that time of the month.

a lot have been on my mind lately.
i dunno how to settle it.
i will need some time for it.
i need to re organize myself.
it's been haywired lately.

been eating at chilis for a few time within this months. aiyoo..need to control.

ooo...forgot...i got invitation to my boss's wedding. yippie!
my baju baru arini anta jahit. hopefully bole siap on time.
it's just a simple baju kurung kain japanese cotton. very da kampung like. ehehe.

i can't wait for holiday again.hmm...that will be on 1st feb. yay!!

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