February 22, 2008


this is a nice place.
the weather was not really nice for me when we were on the way here.
the plane got diverted to Mc Allen because the storm here was so bad.
really the whole thing i heard of being stuck at the airport..it's nothing. i got thru it like other people.good news eh...

so the training was really fun. i have learned so much here and made more friends!this is like the company's induction programme for the newbies. ehehe...i'm not really a newbie but i haven't gone to one.

Uncle Hiro n Aunty Wan are such nice people!!!they took me to the mall, treat lunch and tomorrow i'll be sleepin over at her house.yayness!! Syatul, thanks for introducing them to me.

here's some pics..

the room

energy hall@museum

at the campus @ office site

1 comment:

dYnA said...

baRu bLk kEr?
hoW's uR tRiP?
bEst nYeR!