February 15, 2008

how's life been treating

it' been awhile since my last update.
so many things have happened.

let's kick it off with:

a) social life
my social life was at it modest stage. i've met and dealt with new and interesting people. most of it are known from work. i've spent times with my love ones and i wish i could have spent more time with my friends. everybody seems to be very busy and no exception to me too. sometimes it feels great just to sit and chat. i feel like i have re-energized myself whenever i hang out with them. it makes me feel young.ahaks...a good laughter will make the sorrow go away. i watched the film CUCI.it was hillarious. i went out of the cinema with asthma, effect of laughing thru the whole entire movie. i had a gossip session with huda, fuz and ija at the gossip place near our house. huda was in town so it was about time for us to catch up.she got her braces and she said that it was tough to take care of it and eat.poor her..nevermaind the pain girl...soon you can smile as much as you want.ehehehe...can't wait to see the result. and btw, i hope ur father will get well soon. take care kay. i have attended a few weddings and yes that includes my boss's.i'll upload the piccas later..towards the end. it was fun. i met lots of celebrities. and it was really a kampung themed wedding. the food was nice. good job to those who made the event a success. :)
i went to senawang one weekend for a bbq. it was my ayah's friend when we were abroad. eat like there's no tomorrow i tell you.ehehe...there's goes my diet.as if i'm on diet..hahahaha..my friend, ainul, have got a house. i helped her with some cleaning. it was fun. i got to play and fool around with water. i feel like a lil' child.ehe.i'm so happy for her. she's gettin married soon..in 2 weeks time. hope everything goes well and smooth.i'm sorry i can't make it. i'll try my best to be there kay.jgn lupe send me the pix ok...

b)work life
work have been quite busy and hectic. got some projects need to be settled out before i'm off. i'll be in houston tomorrow for some trainings. on wednesday, i managed to settle one project and for another project i'll do my best to settle it by today...if not i have to pass it to my colleague.sorry about it. i've done my review and assessment. alhamdullillah everything was ok. overall i met expectations. well done to me. :) big pat on the right. and my boss was satisfied with what i have done for the 1 year time. it's been 1 year already, on the 5th of feb to be exact.ehehe...congrats to me for making it thru... :D after i come back, i will be busy. lots of projects waiting for me patiently...i dont want to say or worry about it yet..let me enjoy my trip to houston and learn as much as possible. :D

c)love life
he's coming back today. he takes off at 1740hrs and will touch down at 2000hrs. cant wait to see him. i miss him so much!!!!!!!i still cant believe that i'll be seeing him in about 8 hrs.ahahahaha..need to slap myself for this.haih....i love you baby! hope my nasi kerabu is waitin for me too...ehehehe..muakkksss...
some piccas:


azra~me @ kampung nekmat


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