March 03, 2008

malaysia i'm back

i finally touched my homeland @12:09 in the afternoon on 1st March 2008.
finally after living 14 days in a different world.ahahaha...not a different world, a part of the world.still have jet-lagged but couldn't be bother by it. i'm just glad i'm back home.

i have learned a lot when i was away. it was good that they sent me to be a good and effective consultant? i was chosen to be/act as a facilitator for a meeting with client. i was hoping that i could be the client but they really want to stretch me. was a good practice for me. it was tough but then hey..i got good comments and bad as well. it was all a good experienced and had taught me a lot.besides that, i got to meet new people. :D now i have friends from Brazil :D Adriano n Marcello. Nice and fun people to hang out with.

well, i didn't spend my time learning while i was there. i did some other things as well. like goin to a basketball game, visit an oil rig, went to the nasa space center, shopping!!!! and to end the trip, i went to Universal Studio. it was a lotta fun!

i was lucky enough cause the trip from LAX to Taipei, i got the whole row to myself! yippie! i made myself a comfy lil bed and slept thru most of the trip and just wake up either for meal time or visiting the was a relaxing one.ehehehe.and almost forget, got the chance to widen the circle on the plane as well.ehehe...i met a nice and friendly flight attendant. we talked about a few things and he tried to accompany me since i was sitting alone.but it didn't last that long cause i was more keen on sleepin at that time.eheheh...go figure. :D

here are some more pix:

~marcello~me~dintho @rockets game

me @ rockets game

me @ hollywood

us with the simpsons

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