May 28, 2008

long overdue updates


i don't have much to say actually.
my life have been pretty normal and work is kinda overload a bit but still managable.
i don't really lepak with my friends for the past weeks cause everybody is busy and i feel like better spend my weekends relaxing @ home. ~~there's double meaning to this statement. =P

my financial life is doin great. i think i can control it now. i just found out before use
so whenever money goes goes out to places that i know it's hard for me to take out.ehehhe..i have used this method for 2 months and it's doin me good~~of course la i have to sacrifice my needs and urgency to buy things. but i don't mind. at least i know it help me in the future. big pat for me!

my love life is pretty smooth..i guess because there's not much to say cause we hardly see each other since he's abroad.wakaka..macam la die gi negara lain..well he's across the sea. usually we spend 1 hour before bedtime just chattin n gossipin. so when he's coming back????it will be 20th JUNE 2008. he told me that he booked me on the 21st. ehehe..main book2 plak.ape2 je la..ok baby, i have told my parents and i have blocked 21st for you.eheheh.

my friends, they are doin just great. one just got married recently.congrats to opit n hubby. and my neighbour also got married. congrats to kak sheila n hubby. every weekend i have weddings to attend to so i don't have to cook.yayness!one friend of mine got the BIG question asked cute...i better save money to make baju. :D my roomate, she's a busy, busy gal. what can i say..she's the project leader now i can say that she will be somebody important in Pet soon..syatul plak..very busy buying things for her hantaran since it's Mega Sale already.but blom start sale dah abis shoppin..ehehe..hmm...what else....i can't think of any..the rest are just like me living, workin, and just lovin life. :)

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