May 30, 2008

simple but tough to answer

well this questions was asked by a dear friend of mine, msapple aka my answer will be in blue..

nk tanya.. bile org tanya anda "bila anda nk kahwin?" how should you react actually? u said "yes, very soon" or you said "just wait and see"... or you just smile...
bile jodoh sudah tibe..

another thing.. if someone saw you with your BF do you introduced them to the him as "this is my BF" or just say hi and left as if saying "go figure"?
i would say "ohh..this is faiz"..well i guess people would know he is my bf since i my face would light up and a big wide smile appears on my face.

lagi satu.. when someone mistakenly you with someone else do you correct them right away or you just smile or just buat don't know?
this one would depends on my mood.. if the person asking is just being sarcastic or mean, i would say "yep we're an item" but if the person asking is nice, then i would say "oh bf is in labuan.this is bla..bla..bla..a friend of mine"



10 things make you go GRrrrrr..
  1. i'm hungry
  2. i'm angry
  3. i'm in pain
  4. i'm bored
  5. i feel dumb
  6. i'm annoyed
  7. i'm clueless
  8. i'm...i'm...i'm..
  9. now i'm goin Grrrr...
  10. aaaa....xmo jwb dah.

aaa...i just got a sad news from suspect cancer in makngah....uwaaaaaaa!!!!!!!nak blk jumpe makngah skang gak....makngah tggu sarah dtg visit and i'll pray for u...

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