June 23, 2008

he's off again and quick update

i hate it when he has to go back to Labuan.
i hate it when we're far apart.
i hate it when i can't see him.
i hate it cause i know when he's off, i'm missing half of my heart.
i hate it cause he's not as sweet as he should be.


i still love him.

~quick updates~

weekend was great. got to see him. i should have not see him. it makes me feel more sad cause i know he's not gonna be here long. it's better that way. not seeing him so u won't miss him or feel sad.

i visited my aunt. she's doin well. alhamdulillah. i spend most of the day layan kerenah my nieces and nephews. a bunch of lil kids fighting and playing. by the time i got back, i have a slight headache.ehe.but i felt good. seeing them happy makes me happy. i wish i was a kid again.then i won't have to think about so many things. and i won't know what love is.easy!

didn't meet up with dad cause it was late and i was still at my aunt's house. i hope that my cousin will loose weight cause i gave her my herbalife things.ehe. me no more using it cause me ok already.

still no one is coming to "sembur" at my taman. even though there's a few cases of dengue already. i don't what to say. i think the things work here is like this..wait until death occurs then only we come to provide the service we promise. even if you call the police or bomba, they will only come after your house have been robbed totally or your house burnt down already so they don't have to do the job anymore cause there will be no more chasing after the thief or no more need to put out fire. maybe i don't know how the system works and i think what ever the system that thay are using...SUCKS BIG TIME!

that's all. i feel good already.


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