June 17, 2008

one week off


i'm back. i'm talkin to myself again. this is what my blog is for.ahaks.for me to let out my heart. this blog is useful when i feel like pourin out stories.to those yg baca my blog, pleasa bear with my insanity.

i just got better. i was off for a week cause i got caught with some virus sumthing that made me so not well. i got poked a few times for the blood. ehehe. i think i love my blood too much. first time the blood won't come out.just itsy bitsy. then nurse poked another hole and a little came out.sayang darah...no wonder la i tak donate blood.uhuhuhu...imagine how long it would take me to fill up a bag............AGES!

i'm stuck with my work. can i do something else? i'm gettin tired of doing the report customization. can i do something else? aaaaaa...i just realize something..no wonder la i'm in no mood to do what-so-eva.....2moro i'll be one year older and hopefully wiser.patutla emo je.let me check ade kedut baru tak kat muka ku ini?????hmmm...takde..good!

arini ade keje fogging kat office.bole balik awal kah?the devil have shown its tail....eheheheheh.

next month...electric bill naik.hmm..ape la nak jadi.kesian kat org yg berpendapatan rendah. camne dieorg nak survive? ubah cara hidup, says the PM. how in the world do u expect people yg dah rendah income ubah cara hidup when they don't really have any choices? it's easier said than done my dear PM. u live lavishly, ur konco2 pun live lavishly...how bout trading places and see how u would do..i betcha not even for a day u'll survive. and then..kesian kat PET. just bcoz dieorg la pengeluar minyak negara, people are blaming them..they shouldn't blame PET. they should blame the government la..i wonder what happens to all the money PET pays???hmm..ooo..i know..it's for the 'wives' to go shopping in Milan and Paris.DUHHH!!my..oh..my..one thing for sure, the people today are not dumb anymore. u can't just say what ever today because one wrong word, people can hentam you back.i'm seeing all this banner being hung around..the credibility of a particualr person is on the edge of a cliff. people lost their trust already..a good leader have to win people's trust and it seems that u've lost that.so sad..so..so..sad..

eh..ape la yg ku membebel td?sah2 x sehat lagi.eheheh...kawin RM500 shj...waa..bestnye..murah..another 2 months to bandung..yippie!!!!!another 4 days to see him!!lagi double yippie!!


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