July 24, 2008

a bit of this and that

life has been nothing but a rollercoaster ride for the past few weeks. i'm not is it bcoz of the pms-ing or what actually. i was stressed a few days and i was happy a few days and then i was sad for a few days. one thing that contribute to my sadness and happiness is 'him'. but it's all okay now. boy, he sure knows how to make me feel happy again. =D thanks baby. long distance relationship have taught us sooo many things..i think most of it is how to be patient and cooperation.

i watched made of honor and i feel like...aaaa..that's so sweetttt..ehe.that's the thing, this movie was showing how we, humans, tend to take for granted of certain people and relationship. we will only realized about it when they are not around. so here i would like to remind myself how lucky i am to have great people around me. thank you all.

yetserday i was watching the oprah. it was about what would you do...they acted out some scenes and see how the public response to it. it was good. there was one of the scene where, a muslim girl (actor)steps into a doughnut shop and wanted to buy some doughnut but the seller (actor) didn't want sell to her and asked her to leave the shop. not only was he doing that, he said some stuff that was kinda discriminating religion and stuff. the shocking part was that most of the public refused to help the muslim girl. some even agreed to the seller and asked her to leave the shop. then there was 2 teenage girls who stood up. they got angry at the seller and telling him that she has the right and the war was not her fault and some other stuff. the end was when one the girls demanded to talk to the manager of the shop.i was like..gosh..what's happening to all the adults???why are they being so racist? so mean? is this how you show good examples to your children? well there was some other scenes like, women being beaten up in the park, a drunk driver who wants to drive, how popular girls bullied those nerdy girls..and etc. there are still some nice, caring humans in this world. this show can be an eye opener to the world. i think it's showing on ABC, What Would You Do..not sure about the time.

it's like less than a month to the trip. really excited. a reminder to my roomate, please renew your passport..ehehe..


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