July 16, 2008

debates and kampung

Yesterday i watched the debates between Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Datuk Shabery Cheek.
It was a good debate between two political parties..i was impressed by how Datuk Shabery Cheek managed to stand up his points and how well Datuk Anwar handled critism and stuff. Conclusion..it was even. both parties stated their arguments well. =)

i'm glad that Petronas is doing well..not because i graduated from the university under it's wings but it is one of the top companies in Malaysia. HUGE SUCCESS! and yes it's been listed in the Fortune 500 so tell me why is it that i shouldn't be proud of it. keep up the good work...and to my friends yg keje Pet tuh..slamat bekeje.eheheh..ok i'm turning into my wacky mood.

i just ate like 5 pieces of mata kucing..sedappp...i wish i could eat more but it's too risky cause i might have asthma attack. so better control myself.

let me ask you a question, is it wrong to have a crush on someone else while you are already in love with another person? i mean it's just a simple crush..maybe you like the way that person smile or the way the eyes sparkles...is it wrong? does it consider to be unfaithful????

so weekend was spent in Gopeng. ate durians, langsat, and etc. it was raining da whole day so not much of fruits picking activity. but overall was damn nice and relaxing. sometimes i imagined my atuk and opah was there..miss them. since it was raining da whole day, i end up wearing those phua chu kang rubber boots when collecting the fruits. my dad said i was like a german...german???why that??i should have taken pix of myself..ehehe..

so there's like another 1 month and 1 week to our bandung trip. all jiggy inside.ehehe..i want to eat...eat..eat..and spa.........not really sure about shopping cause i dont know how good the quality there..if i see something nice than i'll buy. i might buy some telekung and kain2 there. next plan holiday????well, huda and i are planning to go to krabi island...ehehehe..no shoppin..just relaxation.nice....


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