August 28, 2008

Day 1 in BANDUNG

We finally went to Bandung. Shoppin paradise....

  1. Arrived in Bandung @ 12.30 pm - Bandung's 1 hr late from KL.

  2. Got on our taxi and head to the Sukajadi Hotel. Taxi cost Rp. 35,000.

  3. Check in and was surprised to find out that the room was kinda small..but who cares..we only need it to sleep n shower.

  4. After some rest, we headed out, by feet, to Paris Van Java Mall. It's HUGE and preeeettyyy. Ate lunch @ Quali and did some shoppin @ Carrefour..yes they have Carrefour in Bandung..Giant also..

  5. We called it a day and head back to hotel for some rest because the next day will be a long day~~~

  6. It was pretty dark @ 6p.m.


Fi fai fo flower..

Last week flower..

August 27, 2008


this post is long overdue. anyway my company organized a family day @ FRIM on the 16th of August 2008. it was fun and the food was great. non stop filling my tummy with delicious food.ehehe...i brought my lil bro along. i think he enjoyed it pretty much. well the fun thing was that we took a lot of piccas. shikin brought her extra cool camera along so snap..snap..snap..hey..what else should we do???we were camwhores on that particular day.ehe. =P

anyways here are some of the piccas...

~balloonnss everywhere~

~lil bro n me~

~pretty sweaty gals...~

~rock climbing....~

~meeting on top of mushroom~

~ shikin & sya~

~me won lucky draw~

~one, two, three..PULL~~

~excited to get hand tattoo~

that's all..todallooo~~

August 18, 2008

Pretty sunflower

My oh my! Look at this huge sunflower..oo..i just lovee sunflowers!

August 14, 2008


where you wanna fly to baby? back to kl izzit??? come n see me ok? i miss you...

August 13, 2008

i miss you

i miss those i met during my internship.....

  • kak mira
  • kak an
  • kak ila
  • abg firdaus
  • kak mimi
  • dejah

i miss my terendakians friends...

  • dyna
  • azani
  • wani
  • aifaa

i miss someone...faiz

together we cry, laugh

together we break da rules and create our own =)

miss those sweet memories..i wish i could post all these people pictures up in da blog my hard disk problem..i hope it's not corrupted..uhuhu...if the people above is reading this, please send me your pictures so i can post it in..

thanks for the memories

August 11, 2008

count down to bandung

i can't believe that it's like less than 2 weeks till da holidays with my friends..x saba.but at the same time..pening kpala. i think i will end up buying things for others than for

let's see, so far in my list i got like 20 people already...huhuh...ok la..nevermind can i worry about that later..i should be worry on how to go to the airport..i just realized that it's early in the morning and on a working how time should consider for the traffic and everything???geezz...garu2 kepala.seriously banyak gak nk kena pikir.huhu.susah nye nak travel but aritu gi us and canada xde masalah pun...da day before i packed then next morning i'm off already.i need to chill down...i'm worrying too much. =P

i'm currently chatting with arina and planning all this stuff. i'm not sure where ija is..i think die ade training in bangi kot.huhuh.byk sgt activity die smpi x igt.yup...she's been complainin' about not having any work and now she got lots of work already. be careful of what you wish might come now, i should be thankful that i'm quite free.ehehhe...xpe girl..just a few more days and we are off..she's more excited bcoz it's her 1st time.i'm happy for her and i'm happy that i'm by her side for her 1st trip abroad.eheheh..

here's some piccas during the golf game @ city golf, bangsar. cool place. bout a game? i can teach u :P

i'm also saving up for diving. actually byk kena save ni. aritu i talked to my mom about buying new furniture for my room. and i want to change the window pane and my closet door.i need a sliding door bcoz my room is small. my mom suggest me to change room and take my bros'. i told her no bcoz my bros in my room would be more i'll stick to my room. i need new bed, a dresser and chest of drawer...and it should match the build in closet..hmmm....i need something like this but lighter color...huhuhu..and minus the sidetable and the headboard should be lower a bit...

or maybe this one... the bed, dresser and chest drawers.


August 10, 2008


i don't know what or how to express my feelings.

i am so grateful and i cried.


August 08, 2008

fun filled weekends!

who doesn't love weekends? i LOVE weekends. best days of all. =D

i teman mama gi shopping for her new glasses. it took us the whole day just to find "the one". i end up gettin bored and i started to try on all types of sunglass. and the nice thing was, i was treated very well. they commented and suggest different types of sunglass and offered me a great price too! i think i tried most of the sunglass in the store.eheheh.. here's a picture of my mama with funny lookin glasses.ehehe..

then....i also got my hair washed, cut, and styled...ehehe...just for fun..waiting for ija to finish was like ages because she has this thick long black hair...natural...(i jealous cause she got nice hair...) so fuz n i was talking to the stylist about other services they offer..i guess next time..we will be having manicure, pedicure, hair cut..ehehe..all in one day.FUN!! but have to wait till our hair is in the right length to cut...ehehe..maybe just go for a mani, pedi and wash...

then my friends and i helped out in out rector's son's wedding. it was a nice one. we were invited for lunch at his house and got to eat all the nice food.nyuummmyy.. :D

i'm waiting for pictures for the golf play GOLF??? who would have thought of that??? eheheh...