August 27, 2008


this post is long overdue. anyway my company organized a family day @ FRIM on the 16th of August 2008. it was fun and the food was great. non stop filling my tummy with delicious food.ehehe...i brought my lil bro along. i think he enjoyed it pretty much. well the fun thing was that we took a lot of piccas. shikin brought her extra cool camera along so snap..snap..snap..hey..what else should we do???we were camwhores on that particular day.ehe. =P

anyways here are some of the piccas...

~balloonnss everywhere~

~lil bro n me~

~pretty sweaty gals...~

~rock climbing....~

~meeting on top of mushroom~

~ shikin & sya~

~me won lucky draw~

~one, two, three..PULL~~

~excited to get hand tattoo~

that's all..todallooo~~

1 comment:

dYnA said...

kNapE yOu sGt kuRus ni dEar?
sLamAt b'pUasA!