August 11, 2008

count down to bandung

i can't believe that it's like less than 2 weeks till da holidays with my friends..x saba.but at the same time..pening kpala. i think i will end up buying things for others than for

let's see, so far in my list i got like 20 people already...huhuh...ok la..nevermind can i worry about that later..i should be worry on how to go to the airport..i just realized that it's early in the morning and on a working how time should consider for the traffic and everything???geezz...garu2 kepala.seriously banyak gak nk kena pikir.huhu.susah nye nak travel but aritu gi us and canada xde masalah pun...da day before i packed then next morning i'm off already.i need to chill down...i'm worrying too much. =P

i'm currently chatting with arina and planning all this stuff. i'm not sure where ija is..i think die ade training in bangi kot.huhuh.byk sgt activity die smpi x igt.yup...she's been complainin' about not having any work and now she got lots of work already. be careful of what you wish might come now, i should be thankful that i'm quite free.ehehhe...xpe girl..just a few more days and we are off..she's more excited bcoz it's her 1st time.i'm happy for her and i'm happy that i'm by her side for her 1st trip abroad.eheheh..

here's some piccas during the golf game @ city golf, bangsar. cool place. bout a game? i can teach u :P

i'm also saving up for diving. actually byk kena save ni. aritu i talked to my mom about buying new furniture for my room. and i want to change the window pane and my closet door.i need a sliding door bcoz my room is small. my mom suggest me to change room and take my bros'. i told her no bcoz my bros in my room would be more i'll stick to my room. i need new bed, a dresser and chest of drawer...and it should match the build in closet..hmmm....i need something like this but lighter color...huhuhu..and minus the sidetable and the headboard should be lower a bit...

or maybe this one... the bed, dresser and chest drawers.



dYnA said...

jEaLouS nyEr nK g bAndUng!
miS mY bAndunG triP gAks...

abOut thE bEdrOom sEt i guEsS seT oNe bEttEr!

SaRaH said...

eheheh..babe maybe we can plan sumthing out with aifaa, azani and wani?