August 28, 2008

Day 1 in BANDUNG

We finally went to Bandung. Shoppin paradise....

  1. Arrived in Bandung @ 12.30 pm - Bandung's 1 hr late from KL.

  2. Got on our taxi and head to the Sukajadi Hotel. Taxi cost Rp. 35,000.

  3. Check in and was surprised to find out that the room was kinda small..but who cares..we only need it to sleep n shower.

  4. After some rest, we headed out, by feet, to Paris Van Java Mall. It's HUGE and preeeettyyy. Ate lunch @ Quali and did some shoppin @ Carrefour..yes they have Carrefour in Bandung..Giant also..

  5. We called it a day and head back to hotel for some rest because the next day will be a long day~~~

  6. It was pretty dark @ 6p.m.


1 comment:

dYnA said...

teLL mE eVeryThing abOut yOur tRiP tO baNdunG :)