September 09, 2008

Day 3 in Bandung

Day 3 in Bandung was fun. we were on our own and we were broke. we had to do a "joint" money venture. well my money was put aside for the airport tax n of course excess luggage. so the rest of the trip was from ija n arina's cash. and we officially elect ija to be the finance advisor...i know..i know..she's kinda weak in money when shoppin is around but if it was left to either arina or me...well..we could end up GOD who knows where.ehehehee.

so here's where we went...

  1. we had breakfast @ usual filling ourselves up with energy.

  2. then we asked the front desk for directions..and 1st place was Donatello FO. this place was for shoes lover..we have Bata here in Malaysia. they have Donatello. some of the shoes were so damn cute!

  3. then we went down and head to Natural FO. Ija went crazy here. Arina was in trouble because couldn't find size for her nieces. kesian kat die.

  4. next we went to rumah mode again. i know..this place is just nice n kinda big. so this time i managed to go and see the kids section.ehehe...we had our lunch here. and yes..again nasi timbel.eheheh.see how happy ija is after makan nasi timbel..ehehe..

  5. we walked downwards to cihampelas walk. there was a live gig.bought some souveniors. and we headed back to the hotel. it looks like it was goin to rain so early back home..just to be safe.dinner was at the hotel and i got mi goreng yg masin...uhuhuhuhu...


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