August 08, 2008

fun filled weekends!

who doesn't love weekends? i LOVE weekends. best days of all. =D

i teman mama gi shopping for her new glasses. it took us the whole day just to find "the one". i end up gettin bored and i started to try on all types of sunglass. and the nice thing was, i was treated very well. they commented and suggest different types of sunglass and offered me a great price too! i think i tried most of the sunglass in the store.eheheh.. here's a picture of my mama with funny lookin glasses.ehehe..

then....i also got my hair washed, cut, and styled...ehehe...just for fun..waiting for ija to finish was like ages because she has this thick long black hair...natural...(i jealous cause she got nice hair...) so fuz n i was talking to the stylist about other services they offer..i guess next time..we will be having manicure, pedicure, hair cut..ehehe..all in one day.FUN!! but have to wait till our hair is in the right length to cut...ehehe..maybe just go for a mani, pedi and wash...

then my friends and i helped out in out rector's son's wedding. it was a nice one. we were invited for lunch at his house and got to eat all the nice food.nyuummmyy.. :D

i'm waiting for pictures for the golf play GOLF??? who would have thought of that??? eheheh...

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