September 03, 2008

Day 2 Bandung

well...on day 2 in Bandung...let me tell u..we were broke.yippie.uhuhuhu.

here's our activities on day 2.

  1. Sukajadi hotel - eat breakfast, gain all the energy so that we can face the day. We booked a car & driver for Rp500k. yeah i know it's expensive but then we were out the whole day and the driver just follow wherever we wanna go for that day...

  2. Tangkuban Perahu - very nice n cold place.i personally didn't enjoyed it much because the people selling necklace, keychains, bags kept on bugging to buy their stuff. it kinda spoiled my mood to go sight seeing.

  3. Kg. Daun - the ever famous place & restaurant in Bandung. I think the food it's quite expensive but still affordable. it's very nice the way they decorated the place. little hut and artificial waterfall from the bottom to the top. u can actually exercise by climbing all the way to the top. i think we managed to go half way only.

  4. Pasar Baru - shopping paradise for those who wants to buy cheap and nice textile, telekung, and etc..this is where we end up broke. =( there's like 7 floors and each floors has its own level 6 is where the food court was. and we had our lunch here. our very first nasi timbel. sedap! then the shopping starts..whatever it is..this is the place for you to apply ur bargaining skills. it was kinda ok for us because overall, arina was the best among of all. i'm in the middle and as for ija....puhhllleeaassseee...she doesn't know how to bargain..she will just agree to whatever the seller says..uhuhu..sorry girl but that's the fact.u said it urself. :)

  5. Jl. Riau - the place where some factory outlets are. here those that are quite well- known..Heritage & Terminal Tas. Heritage is a factory outlet where as Terminal Tas is a place where all the imitations bag, various grades are in.i think we bought our shirts at for the next day at Cascade..ehehe...

  6. Rumah Mode - Jl. Dago - this is another famous factory outlet. it's has a nice landscape, complete with cafeteria and coffee house. i bought some clothes for my brothers here. i'm glad they accept credit card. =) then after that we head back to our hotel. we drive thru- mcd for our dinner...

well that's all for day 2.


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