September 09, 2008

Day 4 in Shoppin Paradise

the second last day here in Bandung.sigh~~~~not much to say..feelin a bit sad cause have to go back and i know work is piling up in the office.uhuhu. well today, we went around and did a "last minute" kinda shopping. there's some items left in the list so today is the last day to finish it.

here's where we went...

  1. from hotel..bfast is the most improtant meal for the day. =D

  2. walked to cihampelas. bought tshirts and necklaces and keychains and bags.had lunch @ a colorful restaurant. =D

  3. take the angkutan to Jl.Riau. went to the Summit, Heritage, Cascade and Stamp FO. Just swipe away my friends.huhuhu.

  4. walked a bit on Jl. Sukajadi and headed back to hotel to drop our bags.

  5. went to Paris van Java Mall...night time is much more nicer...bought JCO for the last time.


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