September 29, 2008

from Labuan with LOVE

yes!!! i went to Labuan. visit my boyfriend. ehehe..

so i arrived in Labuan on the evening of 26th. the flight from Miri to Labuan was only 40 mins..but the pilot was so nice he made it within 30 mins..i think. because i remember after breaking my fast, the pilot announced, ladies n gentlemen, we will be landing soon.bla..bla..bla..break fast was at 6.15pm.

so i arrived safely in Labuan n waited for him to fetch me. then went a hotel to check-in. the original plan was to stay over at his friend's house but it has to be cancelled. cheap hotel..okla..1 nite only. after freshing up, we headed to Anjung Ketam. yes...makan KETAM. sedappp sgt!!!!!menjilat jari...eheheh...i rase nak jilat plate tuh trus..he ordered buttermilk and blackpepper crabs, sotong grg tepung n sayur kailan.memang sedap and fresh...ehehe..and it was cheap!!!

ketam blackpepper

ketam buttermilk

sotong grg tepung

after the nice dinner, we pusing2 Labuan. visited his office, my office and other offices there. then he dropped me off at the hotel to get some rest.tomorrow is the day for shoppin!

for sahur- i had nasi grg cina..portion die sgt byk..x abis mkn pun. then cont. tdo and woke up at 7.30. mandi2 & pack things up n waited for him. die lmbt sbb tertido but i dont mind..nasib ade cite best kat TV.ehehe. so jln2 along the town. shopping for chocolates, kain, at 12 gi hotel utk check out. then continue shoppin lagi. around 3+ we headed to the ocean...sigh~~~~~it was so nice.the wind blowing and seeing the waves..just nice.we managed to ctach the sunset.romantic la plak.wakakakaka..then berbuka kat gerai along the ocean. i had mee hailam.sedap juge..n i finished it.ehehe..air order byk sbb tersgt la after berbuka, we headed for the airport for me to return to semenanjung...

ocean facing the semananjung

tgh tggu time berbuka..

posing lagi to kill da time

thanks my love for being my tourist guide. i enjoyed it very much! nak gi lagi...ehehe..


dYnA said...

bEst nyEr jLn2 g LabuAn..
seLamAt Ari RayA deAr!

SaRaH said...

ehehe..slamat hari raya to u too!