September 24, 2008

jln2 in miri

so yesterday, my colleague bring me jln2 around miri. i was so nice. the weather, it was just nice. then she brought me to the famous 'nasi lalapan'. guess what? it turned out that 'nasi lalapan' is just the same as nasi timbel. the one i ate when i was in bandung. but this time, i ordered ikan tenggiri. the fish was nice and the sambal....wala! damn nice! very fresh!!! and to make my day more better...i got 2 ikan tenggiri.eheheh...haa..i'm planning to go thr 2moro. i'll tapau this time..ehehe...best2.

ok enough about food, well after work, we actually went to 'canada hills'. this is the only highland u can get in miri. the cool part was that it was here that they drilled the very 1st well in malaysia. and another cool thing is that the hill was like a side was the town and the other was the forest.we got to see the sunset there. =D

so after dinner at muara- the lalapan restaurant, we wanted to try the local fruit...which is known as tarap or talap..i'm not really sure. but didn't get any. i was all finished. the fruits only come out 2 times in a year. and it happened to be september and october and to make it more special....u can only get this fruit bad we didn't get to taste any...

so to cheer things up, we headed for home-made ice-cream.the place is called desserts. it was so delicious that today, after the berbuka with company, i'm goin to get another.ehehhee...nasib ade kedai dekat ngan hotel.

i already did a bit shoppin. buying some souveniors for my mom and my friends. i'm a bit tight on budget so can't spend that much..sayang~~~xpe..i'm sure that in the future i will come back to miri..that is if i'm still with my current company.ehe.

so my colleague told me that i might need to go to!!!travel some more.i do hope that if i get to go, the client won't be so tough.huhuhuhu...from the stories that i have heard it's makin me kinda or nervous.

so 2 more days and i'll be off to labuan. gonna get to see baby!!!yayness!!!alang2 dah kat cni ape lagi...ehehe..

later i'll update with some pictures..not much really.huhuh...i'm out to break fast with the company here...daa~~~~

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